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Category: Song

Can’t Fall In Love Again by DinDin Lyrics

Can’t Fall In Love AgainArtist: DinDinAlbum: N/AGenre: musicCountry: South KoreaYear: N/A Lyrics: Hangul 참 흔한 이별이었다고수도 없이 들었어도왜 못 잊을까 왜 난 기억이 마르기 전까지어린애처럼아무 말도 못 하고눈물만 흘리죠 마지못해 웃는 내 모습이떠나기 전에 나를 […]

Unrequited Love Original TV Soundtrack

Title: Unrequited Love OST / 暗恋橘生淮南 电视原声大碟 / Ànliàn jú shēng huáinán diànshì yuánshēng dà dié / Secret Love Tangerine nı Huainan Original TV SoundtrackArtist: Various ArtistsRelease Date: 2021Number of […]

True Beauty OST Part 8

Cha Eun-woo showed a variety of charms by participating in the 8th OST following the hot performance in’. ‘Love So Fine’ is a medium-tempo love song featuring a cheerful electric […]

Letter To You

Letter To You (2020)Artist: Bruce SpringsteenAlbum:  Letter To YouGenre: Rock, Heartland rockCountry: AmericaYear: October 23, 2020 Music Lists: One Minute You’re Here Letter To You Burnin’ Train Janey Needs A Shooter Last Man Standing The […]

Featuring Ty Dolla $ign (2020)

“Featuring Ty Dolla $ign” (2020)Artist: Ty Dolla $ignAlbum:  “Featuring Ty Dolla $ign” (2020)Genre: songCountry: AmericaYear: 2020 Music Lists: Intro Status Temptations serpentwithfeet Interlude Spicy Track 6 Freak Double R Expensive Burna Boy Interlude […]


Evolution (2020)Artist: Joyner LucasAlbum: EvolutionGenre: rapperCountry: AmericaYear: 2020 Music Lists: When I Grow Up (Intro) Evolution On This Way Things I’ve Seen Zim Zimma Tattle Tales (Skit) Snitch Str8 Like Dat Fall Slowly The Problem […]

Where are you my dear (Long Fei & Men Li) Lyrics

亲爱的你在哪里(龙飞&门丽)Artist: Long Fei & Men LiAlbum: Long Fei Love Song DuoGenre: PopCountry: China MainlandYear: 2017 Lyrics: 三月的细雨 像醉人的恋曲拥挤人群里 哪一个是你归来的鸿雁 诉说着别离就连风儿也偷偷的想你如水的思念 就像温柔的细雨走过了四季 不见你归期飘零的落叶 忧伤着美丽就连那白云也落下泪滴亲爱的 你究竟去了哪里陌生的城市只留下我哭泣模糊的双眼 常把别人看成你亲爱的 你到底在哪里 想你So:亲爱的不知道现在的你好吗是否也会像我想你一样的 想着我如果风儿能带走我的思念它会告诉你 我想你三月的细雨 像醉人的恋曲拥挤人群里 哪一个是你归来的鸿雁 诉说着别离就连风儿也偷偷的想你如水的思念 就像温柔的细雨走过了四季 不见你归期飘零的落叶 忧伤着美丽就连那白云也落下泪滴亲爱的 […]

Know Your Worth (Khalid, Disclosure) Lyrics

Title: Know Your WorthArtist: Khalid, Disclosure Lyrics: He keeps leaving you for deadI don’t knowwhat you been waiting forSo you’ve got your lovelocked up insteadBut somethin’better’s waitin’ at your doorYou […]

Dear Paranoia, Sincerely, Me by We Three

Dear Paranoia, Sincerely, MeArtist: We ThreeAlbum: Dear Paranoia, Sincerely, MeGenre: PopCountry: AmericaYear: May 1, 2020 Music Lists and Lyrics: Dear PARANOIA, i wanna love somebody mid July when i’m with […]

Petals For Armor by Hayley Williams

“Petals For Armor” (2020)Artist: Hayley WilliamsAlbum: “Petals For Armor” (2020)Genre: soloCountry: AmericaYear: May 8, 2020 Petals for Armor is the debut solo studio album by American singer-songwriter and Paramore frontwoman […]

Kiki by Kiana Lede

Kiki Artist: Kiana LedeAlbum: Kiki Genre: R&B, SoulCountry: AmericaYear: April 3, 2020 Music Lists and Lyrics: Cancelled. Movin. Mad At Me. Chocolate. Forfeit. Second Chances. Crazy. Plenty More. Skiterlude. Labels. […]

Southside (2020) by Sam Hunt

SouthsideArtist: Sam HuntAlbum: “Southside” (2020)Genre: popCountry: AmericaYear: April 3, 2020. Music Lists and Lyrics: 2016 Hard To Forget Kinfolks Young Once Body Like A Back Road That Ain’t Beautiful Let […]

Wake Up, Sunshine (2020) by All Time Low

Wake Up, Sunshine (2020)Artist: All Time LowAlbum: Wake Up, Sunshine (2020)Genre: rock band Country: American Year: January 21, 2020 Music Lists and Lyrics: Some Kind Of Disaster Sleeping In Getaway […]

Anne Marie by Prefab Sprout Lyrics

Anne MarieArtist: Prefab SproutAlbum: Genre: MusicCountry: USAYear:  Lyrics: There’s a person that I’d like to be, Anne Marie I can glimpse him when you’re next to me, Anne Marie There is music that no-one […]

Help (도와주오) By Ray Kang (레이 강) Lyrics

도와주오Artist: Ray Kang (레이 강)Album: Genre: musicCountry: South KoreaYear:  Lyrics: 마음이 원해도 내 몸은 약하고무언가를 찾는 내 두 눈 멀었네 ~ ♪ 어디서 나를 찾는지 난 누구고 왜 난지무엇을 할 수 있을지 도와주오 ~ […]