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Category: Plot

She is Beautiful 她很漂亮 Episode 32

Xu Weian called Changqing, but he hesitated again and again and still did not tell Changqing’s request to Zhang Xiaona. Xu Weian only told Changqing to communicate more with her […]

She is Beautiful 她很漂亮 Episode 31

Zhang Xiaona held a press conference to apologize for this fan incident. Before the press conference, Yang Xuerui blamed Wen Fuxin for being too dangerous. What if this matter affects […]

She is Beautiful 她很漂亮 Episode 28

Feng Lingli’s grandmother was hospitalized because of Feng Lingli’s marriage. Feng Lingli’s parents had to go home to take care of the elderly. Feng’s father told Feng Lingli to figure […]

She is Beautiful 她很漂亮 Episode 23

The ratings of “Birth of a Star” soon broke four. Xu Wei’an was very happy and asked Huang Qiyang to immediately arrange for the media to interview the program group. […]

She is Beautiful 她很漂亮 Episode 20

After get off work, Lv Xiaowei chased Feng Lingli to apologize. Feng Lingli walked straight forward without hesitation. Lv Xiaowei had to take out a small mouse made out of […]