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Category: Korean Plot

Flower of Evil Episode 9 Recap

That summer, Hee Sung brought pregnant Zhi Won to their new home, which was spacious and spacious, and Hee Sung even dressed up specially. Enxia in his stomach also reacted, […]

Do you like Brahms Episode 1

Cai Songya is a senior student of violin in the instrumental music department of the Conservatory of Music, but she has actually graduated from the management department. Because of her […]

Flower of Evil Episode 8 Recap

Back in the autumn of 2005, Xicheng wanted to run and was stopped by the Bai family. Obviously he was hit, why the perpetrator was unconscious, Xicheng asked the Bai […]

Flower of Evil Episode 7 Recap

In the summer of 2005, Xicheng woke up and found herself in a bed with a headache. He remembered that he had been hit by a car before he woke […]

Flower of Evil Episode 6 Recap

Years ago, Xicheng was injured in an accident. The driver wanted to let the ambulance come, but Xicheng refused. When the time went back to the present, Xicheng was rushed […]

Flower of Evil Episode 5 Recap

In the winter of 2006, Xicheng went to a convenience store to buy things again. While paying, the convenience store suddenly went out of power. Zhiyuan took out the candle, […]

Flower of Evil Episode 2 Recap

In the summer of 2006, Hee Sung and Zhi Won met for the first time at a convenience store. Xicheng bought a few cans of beer and went to Zhiwon […]

Flower of Evil Episode 1 Recap

“The Flower of Evil” tells the story between the male protagonist who lives in lies and the female criminal police who suspects that her husband who has lived together for […]

Flower of Evil Episode 4 Recap

In the summer of 2002, Jiwon and Hee Sung encountered heavy rain on their first date. The two ran all the way to shelter from the rain under a house. […]

Flower of Evil Episode 3 Recap

In the summer of 2006, Bai Xicheng was already a metal manufacturer. During the period when he just moved here, Zhiyuan brought a pile of food to him every other […]