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Category: Korean Plot

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 1 Recap

According to rumors, nine-tailed foxes that live to a hundred years will be in human form, no different from human beings. Nine-tailed foxes that live for a thousand years can […]

Record of Youth Episode 10 Recap

Jing He was having breakfast with his father. Si Huijun called to greet Jing He. His father guessed from the conversation that Jing He had a boyfriend. He did not […]

Record of Youth Episode 9 Recap

Where Si Huijun and Jing Hexing came, the two rushed into the rain hand in hand and danced in the wind and rain. They talked and laughed happily. The rain […]

Record of Youth Episode 8 Recap

Yuan Haina asked Yuan Haixiao about Zheng Jiya and learned that she was Si Huijun’s ex-girlfriend. Yuan Haina couldn’t help boasting that Si Huijun had a vision. Jin Liying dismissed […]

Record of Youth Episode 7 Recap

Pearl was very dissatisfied with Jing Liying’s promotion. She often spoke ill of her in front of the client and the principal. The dean tapped on the side to remind […]

Record of Youth Episode 6 Recap

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. Both Jinginghe and Si Huijun were soaked. Si Huijun hurriedly took off their covers and protected Jinghe to the door of a nearby […]

Record of Youth Episode 5 Recap

Yuan Haixiao hired Jingjing He as his personal makeup artist, and came to pick her up to the crew early in the morning. Jing He thanked Yuan Haixiao for giving […]

Alice Episode 10 Recap

Park Jinqian finds that Yin Taeyi’s arms are covered with rashes. Liu Minhyuk is anxious to save Yin Taeyi. Park Jinqian stops him. Liu Minhyuk is worried that if he […]

Alice Episode 9 Recap

Coming to Yoon Tae-il in 2021, I heard the sad news of Park Jin-qian’s death, which is incredible. She tried to dial Park Zhenqian’s number, but no one answered. She […]

Alice Episode 8 Recap

Park Jinqian returned to the accommodation before Park Sunling passed away. He recalled the scene where Park Sunling was with her at the time. He felt emotional. He once said […]

Alice Episode 7 Recap

After Park Zhenqian sent Yin Taiyi home, he suddenly heard a scream and rushed upstairs. After Yin Taiyi saw the strange formula on the wall, the killer stunned her and […]

Flower of Evil Episode 14 Recap

Many years ago, Tao Mingxi and Bai Xicheng tied Zheng Meixiu to the mountain, but they diverged midway. Tao Mingxi asked Bai Xicheng to deal with Zheng Meixiu, and then […]

Record of Youth Episode 4 Recap

Si Yingnan rushed over to beat Si Huijun, Han Aishu desperately blocked him and hugged him tightly. Si Huijun took the opportunity to sneak away. Han Aishu severely criticized Si […]

Record of Youth Episode 3 Recap

The agency arranged for Yuan Haixiao to shoot the cover of the magazine. He asked to bring Si Huijun with him, and did everything possible to create opportunities for him […]