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Category: Chinese Intro

Chapter 11 Blue Wolf

Bai Xiaobei was dumbfounded. He had practiced bamboo for 500 years. Is this a bamboo demon? He quickly shouted at the little pangolin: “Come back, come back quickly!” This is […]

Chapter 10 Spiritual Communication

In the distance is a continuous silhouette of mountains. He is suspended in the air, and at his feet is a huge azure blue lake, like a mirror, reflecting the […]

Chapter 9 Fight

“fifty thousand!” Xue Ershao, who is used to smashing people with money, discovered today that his unskilled skills have failed. He believed that Bai Xiaobei raised the building on a […]

Chapter 8 Pangolin

Bai Xiaobei can sense the weak magnetic field at the root of this boxwood, so he is no longer talking nonsense and is ready to start rescue. “My means of […]

Chapter 7 Pearl Boxwood

The old Chinese doctor came back and walked quietly to Bai Xiaobei. “Little brother, discuss something.” Bai Xiaobei looked at him suspiciously. The old Chinese medicine god whispered mysteriously: “I […]

Chapter 6 Young man, the future is boundless

“Hi, Mr. Bai, here!” Li Momo saw Bai Xiaobei greeted immediately. Bai Xiaofan, holding the incubator, carried the bag and walked over: “The security here is so strict! Don’t give […]

Chapter 5 Turtles

The coastline of Spring City has a winding and beautiful coastline. On the golden beach, a slender young woman was carefully supporting an elderly man in a Chinese suit wearing […]

Chapter 4 Hericium

After talking, he ignored Du Shan, grabbed the box from the fat man and handed it to his parents, and then continued to sit down and eat. Several people were […]

Chapter 2 Crazy Quotes

The heavy rain fell until the afternoon. After the rain stopped, the sun came out, Bai Xiaobei put on his boots, and in the eyes of his parents’ doubts, he […]

Chapter 1 The Change of Honeysuckle

The sun rises and the gorgeous morning glow renders the eastern horizon. In the morning breeze, the honeysuckle that swayed all over the mountains was gently swayed with the breeze, […]

Chapter 3 Unforgivable

After a moment of stunned God, Su Tianfeng understood that until now, she had no way to hide anything, even if she didn’t say her identity now, the man in […]

Chapter 2 Escaped

Su Tianfeng finished and looked up to Su Muen, “If it is reported in the future, the Tang family would rather park the body of the mother for a few […]