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Category: Actor

Chen Bo Lin 陳柏霖 (Actor)

Chen Bo Lin 陳柏霖 (Actor)Other Name: 陳柏霖 / Chen Bo Lin / Wilson Chen / 陳韋志 / Chen Wei Zhi / เฉิน ป๋อหลิน / วิลสัน เฉิน Nationality: Taipei, TaiwanGender: MaleBorn: […]

Chen Xue Dong 陈学冬 (陳學冬) (Actor)

Chen Xue Dong 陈学冬 (陳學冬) (Actor)Other Name: Cheney Chen / 陈学冬 (陳學冬) / Chen Xue Dong /Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: 28 June, 1990Occupation: Actor, SingerBirthplace: Wenzhou, Zhejiang, ChinaHeight: 181 cmWeight: Star […]

Lay Zhang 张艺兴 (Actor)

Lay Zhang 张艺兴 (Actor)Other Name: 张艺兴 / Zhang Yi XingNationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: Oct. 7, 1991Occupation: Actor, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, model, writer, hostBirthplace: Changsha, Hunan, ChinaHeight: 176 cmWeight: 60 […]

Zhang Ming En 张铭恩 (Actor)

Zhang Ming En 张铭恩 (Actor)Other Name: 张铭恩 / Zhang Ming EnNationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: May 6, 1995Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Heilongjiang, ChinaHeight: 182 cmWeight: 70 kgStar sign: TaurusChinese zodiac: PigTalent Agency: Central Academy […]

Lu Han 鹿晗 (Actor)

Lu Han 鹿晗 (Actor)Other Name: 루한 / 鹿晗 / Lu Han /Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: April 20, 1990Occupation: Actor, singer, dancerBirthplace: Haidian, Beijing, ChinaHeight: 178 cmWeight: 60 kgStar sign: TaurusChinese zodiac: […]

Joseph Zeng 曾舜晞 (Actor)

Joseph Zeng 曾舜晞 (Actor)Other Name: 曾舜晞 / Zeng Shun XiNationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: Oct 9, 1997Occupation: Actor, SingerBirthplace: Guangdong, Shenchuan, ChinaHeight: 183 cmWeight: 60 kgStar sign: PiscesChinese zodiac: Talent Agency: BG […]

Peter Ho

Peter Ho (Actor)Other Name: 何润东, He Run Dong, 何潤東 , Ho Yun Tung Nationality: Han nationalityGender: MaleBorn: September 13, 1975Occupation: Chinese-speaking film and television actor, pop singer, model, director, screenwriter, and producerBirthplace: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.Height: 185cmWeight: Star […]

Jackie Chan 成龍 (Actor)

Jackie Chan (Actor)Other Name: Kong Sang / Chan / 成龙; 陳港生 / Fong Si Lung / 房仕龍 / Yuen Lou / 元樓 / 成龍 / 陳港生 / Chan Kong Sang […]

Woo Do Hwan 우도환 (Actor)

Woo Do Hwan 우도환Other Name: 우도환 / 禹棹煥 / U Do-hwan / U To-hwan / อูโดฮวานNationality: South KoreanGender: maleBorn: July 12, 1992 Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, South KoreaHeight: Weight: […]

Alan Yu 于朦胧 (Actor)

Yu Meng Long 于朦胧Other Name: 于朦胧 / Alan Yu / Yu Menglong / YuNationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: June 15, 1988Occupation: Actor, Singer, DirectorBirthplace: Midong District, Ürümqi, ChinaHeight: 183 cmWeight: 60 kgStar […]

Alen Fang 方逸伦 (Actor)

Name: Alen (Fang Yilun 方逸伦) Real Name: Fang Yi Lun / Bang Il Ryun / 방일륜Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: December 26, 1992Occupation: Actor, SingerBirthplace: Zhejiang, Jiaxing, ChinaHeight: 182cmWeight: 72kgStar sign: CapricornChinese […]

Zhang Jun Ning 张峻宁 (Actor)

Name: 张峻宁 / Zhang Jun Ning / Zhang Jen Ning / Johnny Zhang Occupation: Actor (China Cast)Date of birth: 1985-Mar-22Birthplace: Nanjing, Jiangsu, ChinaHeight: 183cmWeight: 68kgStar sign: AriesChinese zodiac: OxBlood type: […]

Paul Chun

Paul Chun (Actor)Other Name: 秦沛 / Chun Pui (Qin Pei) / Paul Chun / Paul哥 / 嚴昌 (Yim Cheung) / 姜昌年 / Chiang Cheung Nien / Pui Chun / 秦沛 / […]

Cheng Yi

Cheng Yi (Actor)Other Name: 成毅 / Cheng Yi / 傅诗琪 / Fu Shi Qi / 成毅 / 小宝 / Xiao Bao Nationality: Gender: MaleBorn: May 17, 1990Occupation: Actor and singerBirthplace: Huaihua, Hunan, ChinaHeight: 1.81 mWeight: Star sign: TaurusChinese zodiac:Talent […]

Shirahama Alan

Shirahama Alan (Actor)Other Name: 白濱亜嵐 (しらはま あらん), Shirahama Alan, Alan Shirahama (白濱 亜嵐) Nationality: JapaneseGender: MaleBorn: August 4, 1993Occupation: Actor, Dancer/Performer and DJBirthplace: Ehime, JapanHeight: 173cmWeight: Star sign: LeoChinese zodiac:Talent Agency: LDHEducation: Official website:Music group: Generations from Exile Tribe (Since […]