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Category: Novel

Small World Has Fun

Small World Has Fun (Novel)Other Name: 小世界其乐无穷 Genre: novel, science fictionCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Tingri.Year: 2018Chapter:Related story: Summary:Ren Suo, the extraordinary person broke the silence of the world, and the technology […]

Fox Plunder

Fox PlunderA (Novel)Other Name: 诸天狐妖大掠夺 Genre: novel, science fictionCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Yan LuojieYear: 2018Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:I have the world, beauty, opportunity, resources, and plunder. Tianlong Babu learns the magic, […]

Lady To Queen

Lady To Queen (Novel)Other Name: 레이디 투 퀸 Genre: novel, Drama Harem Historical Josei Mature Psychological Romance TragedyCountry: South KoreaAuthor: Kim So-HyunYear: 2018Chapter: 108 chapters, 22 side storiesRelated story: Summary:There […]

Nine Doors of Friends

Jiumen circle of friendsOther Name: 九门的朋友圈 Genre: novel, thriller, horrorAuthor: Three thousand in one pulseYear: 2018Chapter:Related story: Summary:Qi Jiu is a native of Beijing. He loves snacks and travels. He […]

I’m a Mr. Woman

I’m a Mr. WomanOther Name: 我是女先生 Genre: novel, TerrorAuthor: Xiao XuYear: 2018Chapter:Related story: Summary:Xue Xisi is the main character of the novel. The whole story tells the fortune-telling blind man […]

Dragon King’s Wife (Novel)

Dragon King’s WifeOther Name: 龙王妻 Genre: novel, TerrorAuthor:Year:Chapter:Related story: The Wife of the Dragon King”, also known as I Sleep with the Dragon King. Summary:I Sleep with the Dragon King […]

Ace Special Forces Career (Novel)

Ace Special Forces CareerOther Name: 王牌特种兵生涯 Genre: novel, military novelAuthor: SnowfallYear: 2018Chapter:Related story: Summary:Chen Ziyang and Li Yixin mainly talks about the selection and training process of Spike Special Forces. […]

Powerful King (Novel)

Powerful KingOther Name: 强悍兵王 Genre: novel, MilitaryCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Triangle ArmyYear: 2018Chapter:Related story: Summary:The protagonist is Zhou Zhaofeng. I am a soldier and I am passionate! Defend the home and […]

Mercenary War (Novel)

Mercenary WarOther Name: 佣兵的战争 Genre: novel, military novelCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Ruyi ShuiYear: 2018Chapter:Related story: Summary:In an accident, Gao Yang ran to Africa, but unfortunately encountered an air crash, and fortunately […]

Blood King (Novel)

浴血兵王Other Name: 浴血兵王 Genre: novel, military novelCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Menghui TianchaoYear: 2018Chapter:Related story: Summary:The protagonist Lei Xiaofei mainly talks about Lei Xiaofei. He grew up in the countryside. He has […]

Anti-Japanese Special War (Novel)

Anti-Japanese Special War KingOther Name: 抗日之特战兵王 Genre: novel, military novelCountry: China MainlandAuthor: a lonely swordsmanYear: 2018Chapter:Related story: Summary:The protagonist Xu Rui mainly talks about the super soldier king in the […]

Ultimate Warrior (Novel)

Ultimate warriorOther Name: 终极战兵 Genre: novel, MilitaryCountry: China MainlandAuthor: DaolaiYear: 2018Chapter:Related story: Summary:Li Yan is an iron lone wolf that is free from the flames of war, and is a […]

Leopard Commando (Novel)

Flower Leopard CommandoOther Name: 花豹突击队 Genre: novel, Urban LifeCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Wanlin XiaoyaYear:Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:For generations of martial arts children who lived in the mountains and forests, Wan Lin […]

The S-Classes That I Raised (Novel)

The S-Classes That I RaisedOther Name: 내가 키운 S급들 Genre: novel, Action,FantasyCountry: South KoreaAuthor: 근서Year: 2018Chapter: 281 chaptersRelated story: Summary:An F-Class Hunter.And on top of that, a F-class older brother […]

Return of the Female Knight (Novel)

Return of the Female Knight (Novel)Other Name: 돌아온 여기사 / RotFK / RFK Genre: novel, Action,Fantasy,Historical,RomanceCountry: South KoreaAuthor: Lee Halin,이하린Year: 2018Chapter: 180 chapters Related story: Summary:Elena, who spent her entire […]

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam (Novel)

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam (Novel)Other Name: 강남 큰손 이야기 Genre: novel, Action,DramaCountry: China MainlandAuthor: 악중선Year: 2018Chapter: 500 Chapters (Complete)Related story: Summary:This is the story of a poor […]