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Category: Novel

Full-time Anomaly

Full-time Anomaly (Novel)Other Name: 全职怪才 Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Harem, RomanceAuthor: 吃李子上火Year:Chapter:Related story: Summary:Yan Tian, a man of skills beyond reproach. After suffering harrowing experiences while growing up abroad, he’d […]

Emperor Royal Highness Enchanting

Emperor Royal Highness Enchanting (Novel)Other Name: 逆天神女:帝君殿下太妖娆 Genre: novel, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, XuanhuanAuthor: One Wooden BoatYear:Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:Your Highness (Princess), please give us your advise. She is the […]

Smart Shuangbao Qiao Mummy

Smart Shuangbao Qiao Mummy (Novel)Other Name: 机灵双宝俏妈咪 Genre: novelAuthor: Central Wan in the waterYear: 2018Chapter: 54 EndRelated story: Summary:For someone, Jiang Wanyin was desperate and climbed onto the bed of […]

I miss you

I miss you (Novel)Other Name: Genre: novelAuthor: calligraphy non-treasureYear:Chapter:Related story: Summary:He is a celebrity in the commercial dubbing circle, his main business is mysterious, and he does not love communication. […]

Reverend Insanity

Reverend Insanity(Novel)Other Name: Cổ chân nhân/ Daoist Gu / Gu Daoist Master / Gu Zhen Ren / Master of Gu / 蛊真人 Genre: novel, Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Martial Arts,Mature,Psychological,Tragedy,XianxiaAuthor: Gu Zhen Ren,蛊真人Year: 2012Chapter:Related […]

Iron God

Iron Blood God Emperor (Novel)Other Name: 铁血神帝 Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: Little tornadoYear: 2018Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:Kong Yun, the end of the world is coming, the zombie mutant beast runs rampant, […]

The President’s Sweet Wife and Honey Kiss

The President’s Sweet Wife and Honey Kiss (Novel)Other Name: 总裁甜妻蜜蜜吻 Genre: novel, serialAuthor: TanukiYear: 2018Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:Su Wanlu and Lu Jincheng, for the death of her company, forced her […]

A Flash Marriage, Mr. Fu

A Flash Marriage, Mr. Fu? (Novel)Other Name: 闪婚吗,傅先生? Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: Da YuanYear: 2018Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:Fu Boyan talks about Mu Wanwan. In order to save Mu Shi, she accidentally […]

Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous

Yun Family’s Little Nine is Super Mischievous (Novel)Other Name: 云家小九超皮哒 Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance, XianxiaAuthor: 水清竹Year:Chapter: 9091Related story: Summary:She is an ace agent, but crossed into Ye City’s […]

The Mighty Little Shennong

The Mighty Little Shennong (Novel)Other Name: 异能小神农 Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, XianxiaAuthor: Uncle ZhangYear:Chapter: 6457Related story: Summary:The little farmer had an incredible adventure and his […]

Black Lotus Tactics Manual

Black Lotus Tactics Manual (Novel)Other Name: 黑莲花攻略手册[穿书] Genre: novel, Adventure, FantasyAuthor: Bai Yu Zhai Diao GongYear:Chapter: 119Related story: Summary:Ling Miaomiao wrote a book review in the heat of the moment, […]

The Devil President is a Baddy!

The Devil President is a Baddy! (Novel)Other Name: 恶魔总裁坏坏哒 Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: YanxiYear: 2018Chapter: 297Related story: Summary:The dramas with the man stealing the bride from her marriage are already quite […]

Castle of Black Iron

Castle of Black Iron (Novel)Other Name: Castle of Black Iron Genre: novel, Fantasy, Harem, Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, XuanhuanAuthor: Drunken Tiger, 醉虎Year:Chapter: 2015Related story: Summary:After the Catastrophe, […]

King of Gods

King of Gods (Novel)Other Name: King of Gods Genre: novel, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Tragedy, XuanhuanAuthor: Fast Food Resturant, 快餐店Year:Chapter: 1585Related story: Summary:His will is tough […]

Daddy Take a mommy home (Novel)

Daddy Take a mommy home (Novel)Other Name: 机智萌宝:拐个妈咪带回家 / 拐个妈咪带回家 Genre: novel, Urban RomanceAuthor: Nine Tail FoxYear:Chapter: 896+Related story: Summary:What? Five years ago, it’s were you who slept me?,and why […]

Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Novel)Other Name: 系统的黑科技网吧 Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, SupernaturalAuthor: The Leaf That Goes Against Water,逆水之叶Year: 2017Chapter: 944Related story: Summary:We’ve had systems that help […]