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Category: Chinese Manga

Tales of Demons and Gods Manga

Tales of Demons and Gods MangaOther Name: Tales of Demons and Gods Manga Genres: action ,adventure ,comedy ,drama ,fantasy ,harem ,romance ,shounenEpisodes: 244+Country: Authors: Mad SnailYear:Related Show: Summary:Nie Li, one […]

An Exorbitant Wife

An Exorbitant Wife (Manga)Other Name: President’s Wife Don’t Run Away / 天价宠妻,天价宠妻 重制版 / Affordable wife Genres: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice of lifeEpisodes: 152+Country: China MainlandAuthors: Changdu Technology,Year: 2018Related […]

Empress in Turbulent Days (Manga)

Empress in Turbulent DaysOther Name: 乱世帝后 Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, WebtoonEpisodes: Country: China MainlandAuthors: HangmanYear:Related Show: Summary:The surgeon, Tang Xiaoli never thought that she had time traveled […]

Special Wife of Emperor Shao 帝少专宠霸道妻

Other Name: 帝少专宠霸道妻/ Emperor Shao special wife Genres: Manhua, Romance, Slice of LifeEpisodes: 108+Country: China MainlandAuthors: Dong ManheYear: Related Show: Summary: “100 hard work, go well, do not send.” Dignified […]

Your blood is so sweet (Manga)

Your blood is very sweetOther Name: 你的血很甜 / Nǐ de xuè hěn tián Genres: Girl, fantasy, loveEpisodes: 30+Country: China MainlandAuthors: Lee NareaYear:Related Show: Summary:As a witch’s daughter, she was isolated […]

Spirit Blade Mountain 灵剑山 (Manga)

Spirit Blade MountainOther Name: 灵剑山 (Chinese) 「Ling Jian Shan」; 霊剣山 (Japanese) 「Reikenzan」 Mt. Reiken ; Cong Qian You Zuo Ling Jian Shan (Manhua) ; There Was a Spiritual Sword Mountain; […]

Fill Me! Master! 霸道总裁爱上我(笑水轩)漫画简介 (Manga)

Fill Me! Master!Other Name: 霸道总裁爱上我(笑水轩)漫画简介 / 霸道总裁爱上我(笑水轩) Genre: novel, comic, mangaCountry: ChinaWriter: 笑水轩动漫Year: 2017Episodes: 107+Related story: –  Summary: Stubborn independence of the only daughter and the chaebol charismatic patriarch Sun set the doll pro! She has a heart […]

Devil President Please Let Go (Manga)

Devil President Please Let GoOther Name: Devil President Please Let Go Genres: Manhua, Romance, Slice of LifeEpisodes: 108+Country: China MainlandAuthors: Shang Man Dong ManYear: Related Show: Summary:5 years ago “Don’t […]

Knight Fantasy Night 骑士幻想夜 (Manga)

Knight Fantasy NightOther Name: Knight Fantasy Night / Qishi Huanxiang Ye / 骑士幻想夜 / Knight Fantastic Night / Kỵ Sĩ Hoang Tưởng Dạ Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Manhua, Romance, […]

Vampire Sphere 血族禁域 (Manga)

Vampire Sphere 血族禁域Other Name: 血族禁域 / 血族禁域 / Huyết Tộc Cấm Vực / Tiếng Việt Genres: Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, School life, Sci fi, Shoujo, SupernaturalEpisodes: 100+Country: China MainlandAuthors: AKI.7Year: […]

Phoenix Goes against the World 凤逆天下 (Manga)

Phoenix Goes against the WorldOther Name: Feng ni Tianxia , Feng Ni Tian Xia, 凤逆天下, Phoenix Against the Firmament, Phoenix Goes against the World, 穿越之绝色兽妃:凤逆天下(凤逆苍穹), Phoenix Pergi Melawan Dunia, Phụng […]

The lost memory wife 失忆娇妻宠爱记 (Manga)

The lost memory wifeOther Name: 失忆娇妻宠爱记 / Amnesia, wife, pet, love / Shīyì jiāo qī chǒng’ài jì Genres: Manhua,Romance,School Life,ShoujoEpisodes: 33+Country: China MainlandAuthors: Year:Related Show: Summary:Amnesia wife favorite cartoon: A […]

The Deserted Woman 豪门弃妇的春天 (Manga)

The Deserted Woman 豪门弃妇的春天 (Manga)Other Name: 豪门弃妇的春天 / Háomén qìfù de chūntiān / Haomen Qifu de Chuntian / The Deserted Woman / 落难千金的逆袭 / 하룻밤 아내 Genres: Drama, Josei, Romance, […]

Not Married to the President 不嫁总裁嫁男仆 (Manga)

Not married to the presidentOther Name: 不嫁总裁嫁男仆 / Bù jià zǒngcái jià nán pū Genre: novel, comic, manga, ManhuaCountry: ChinaWriter: Year: Episodes: Related story: –  Summary: A carefully planned calculation from her sister, her ruined; fiancé was robbed, […]