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Category: Manga

The Strongest Demon King in History

the strongest demon king in history (Manga)Other Name:  史上最強の大魔王、 村人Aに転生する Genres: manga, school, fantasyAuthors: N/AChapter: ongoingYear: February 2021Related Show: Description:Valvatos, the strongest demon king in history who has made a name for himself in […]

Call Daddy

Call daddy (Manga)Other Name: 快叫爸爸 Genres: manga, manhuaAuthors: Jia XiaomanChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description:the What if the dead could travel through time and space…? The rebellious girl met her long-dead father, and the two became classmates? […]

The Predatory Marriage Between the King and the Paladin

The Predatory Marriage Between the King and the Paladin (Manga)Other Name: The Predatory Marriage Between the King and the Holy Knight / 국왕과 성기사의 약탈혼 Genres: manga, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, RomanceAuthors: IrinbiChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related […]

I Became The Younger Sister of A Regretful Obsessive Male Lead

I Became The Younger Sister of A Regretful Obsessive Male Lead (Manga)Other Name: 후회 광공의 여동생이 되었다 Genres: manga, Fantasy, Isekai, RomanceAuthors: Purple LemonChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description:I’ve transmigrated into the world of the […]

I Don’t Love You Anymore

I Don’t Love You Anymore (Manga)Other Name:  Genres: Drama, Romance, TragedyAuthors: 수수,연재중Chapter: 40+Year: 2021Related Show: Description:To Nivea, the world seemed like an eternal winter. Her parents and maids had given her the cold shoulder […]

The Fake Princess’ OP Bunny

The Fake Princess’ OP Bunny (Manga)Other Name: The Fake Princess’s OP Bunny / 가짜 공녀님의 만렙 토끼 Genres: manga, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, ShoujoAuthors: Han SeramChapter: 40+Year: 2021Related Show: Description:“The Duchess of Gernoa de Lantera,” […]

The Villainess is a Marionette

The Villainess is a Marionette (Manga)Other Name:  Genres: manga, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, ManhwaAuthors: Han Yi RimChapter: 40+Year: 2021Related Show: Description:Cayena, the Imperial Princess, was known as the most beautiful woman in the Empire. She […]

The Emperor’s Dog

The Emperor’s Dog (Manga)Other Name:  Genres: manga, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Isekai, Romance, ManhwaAuthors: 이횐Chapter: 40+Year: 2021Related Show: Description:Hari, who died in an unexpected car accident, had come to her senses after being reincarnated […]

Former Poisonous

Former poisonous (Manga)Other Name: 前任有毒 Genres: manga, Romance Authors: Jaman Culture Chapter: N/AYear: 2021Related Show: Description:Han Ruoning’s relationship with Jiang Kuihao is like drinking poison to quench thirst. In the […]

Love you across the galaxy

Love you across the galaxy (Manga)Other Name: 穿越银河来爱你 Genres: manga, Love, fantasyAuthors: Shenju AnimeChapter: ongoingYear: 2020Related Show: Description:the The light was shining and the stars were falling. She said, “If one day, I fall asleep… Will […]

The princess of another world is over

The princess of another world is over (Manga)Other Name: 异世界皇妃 Genres: mangaAuthors: D&CChapter: ongoingYear: 2020Related Show: Description:The palace is a place where deadly venom is hidden in the magnificent luxury. In order to survive, luxury […]

Six Realms Scouting Bureau

Six Realms Scouting Bureau (Manga)Other Name: 六界星探局 Genres: manga, Love, fantasyAuthors: Mixia AnimeChapter: A total of 93 episodes [End]Year: 2020Related Show: Description:what? On the first day of transfer, was actually kissed by Brother Xueba? ! […]

Prince Frog, go away!

Prince Frog, go away! (Manga)Other Name: 青蛙王子快走开! Genres: mangaAuthors: Ani, HanakoChapter: 40+Year: 2020Related Show: Description:An ordinary female high school student woke up one day and found that there was a strange man lying next to […]

This Man is a Little Mischievous

This Man is a Little Mischievous (Manga)Other Name: 这个男人有点调皮 Genres: manga, Comedy, Drama, Romance,Authors: MarChapter: ongoingYear: 2020Related Show: Description:The 25 years old Tong Hua is once again harrassed by her parents to go to a […]

Dorm ’95

Dorm ’95 (Manga)Other Name: Kosan 95 Genres: manga, ShoujoAuthors: DidiwalkerChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related Show: Description:If you think Dorm ’95 is just a normal dormitory, then you’re wrong. Whoever receives an invitation gets free housing and daily […]