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Category: North America

Location of Fort Detrick

Fort Detrick is a United States Army Futures Command installation located in Frederick, Maryland. Historically, Fort Detrick was the center of the U.S. biological weapons program from 1943 to 1969. […]

Where is Hawaii in the United States?

Hawaii is the only archipelago state in the United States, consisting of 132 islands in the central Pacific Ocean. The capital is located in Honolulu (Honolulu) on Oahu. The earliest […]

Where are the Inuit?

Inuit live in the Arctic region, distributed inside and outside the Arctic Circle from Siberia, Alaska to Greenland, living in Greenland, the United States, Canada and Russia respectively. It belongs […]

Place to Visit in Seattle, USA

Do you know ‘Seattle’?Seattle is a small city but very important city which located in the state of Washington (not Washington D.C.) in the north and adjacent to Vancouver, Canada […]

Ketchikan City in Alaska, USA

Ketchikan city is in the borough seat of the Ketchikan Gateway in Alaska. Ketchikan was originally a fishing village of the United States but later it was growing rapidly during the […]

Cruise of the Medes

Cruise of the Medes is the stream flows into the torrent of floods poured from the top. Great experience. When you visit Niagara Falls for approximately half an hour by […]