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Category: Health Article

Ginger is good for eating

Ginger drinking stream Or foods that contain ginger as an ingredient will sell well. Because many people claim that Ginger can prevent Covid 19, but what is it? Today we […]

Pandan Herb

Pandan The nature of the plant is a biennial plant with clumps, roots, air on the stems, leaves, single leaves, crush, smell, smell. Leaves attached to the trunk, alternating tightly around. The […]

Name List of drugs, vitamins, and minerals in alphabetical order A-Z

Lists of drugs, vitamins, and minerals in alphabetical order A-Z A• Acetaminophen• Actifed™• Activated charcoal• Acyclovir• Adrenaline• Air-X™• Albemed™• Alben™• Albendazole• Albuterol• Alprazolam• Aluminium hydroxide• Ambroxol• Amino acid• Amoksiklav™• Amoxicillin• […]

Tea Benefits

Tea Benefits It is said that drinking tea began in Asia. There are many legends about drinking tea for the first time. Some say that it began two thousand years […]

Gac Fruit

Vinaga, the first extracted concentrated Gacca oil in Thailand Gacca extracted only from seed coat oil That has many nutrients that are beneficial to the body Such as Beta Carotene, […]

Herbal Recipe for Cancer Treatment

History and originDr. Nopparat Bunyalert is one of the people who participated in the Khao Hin Son Herbal Royal Project. By being a tree planting committee And have researched herbs for cancer treatment […]

How to Cure Acne?

Causes of acneFrom children to adults, no one could survive the horrors of acne. That has to come up to our face in time Due to the androgen hormones that control oil […]