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Category: Drinks

Indian Masala Tea

Indian Spiced Milk Tea (Masala Chai) is hot Indian-style milk tea with spices. Suitable for winter. Ingredient: for 2 cups 2 teaspoons black tea leaves 200 ml of water 200 […]

Strawberry Coffee

For those who like strawberries, if you try “Strawberry Coffee”, you must love ten times for sure. Juicy sweetness combined with bitterness Mix together very well. The more milk is […]

Pineapple Coffee

sweet, crispy, delicious. Easy to find, it has to be pineapple. But if you eat a lot that might bite my tongue try to pretend “Pineapple Coffee”, see. Guarantee that […]

Watermelon Coffee Drink Recipes

If you think of juicy red fruit. Eat and feel refreshed It has to be cold watermelon. The more you use it to make “watermelon coffee”, it’s twice as refreshing. […]

Grapefruit Coffee Drink Recipes

Sweet and sour taste Comes with a scent that hits the nose I need this menu “Grapefruit Coffee” is a good source of vitamins, high in fiber, and can help […]

Mango Coffee Drink Recipes

Incredible combination of ingredients, “Mango Coffee”, which you might normally have eaten with mango smoothie menu. But when I tried adding coffee to it, it blended really well. Not too […]

Apple Coffee Drink Recipes

Fruits that are good for the heart and good for people who are on a diet like apples. can be taken as “Coffee Apple” as well. You can take any […]

Passion Fruit Coffee Drink Recipes

Sleepy in the afternoon. Anyone who wants to freshen up must be “Passion Coffee” here. High vitamin. avant-garde satisfying The more you put passion fruit into it. Let me tell […]

Peppy Nettle Tea

Peppy Nettle Ingredient: Half Peppermint half nettle leaf Benefit: Nettles are high in minerals including calcium and can help back off seasonal allergies. This tasty and refreshing tea is a […]