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Category: European History

The love story of Quasimodo and Esmeralda

Ancient Love Story Esmeralda was a beautiful gypsy girl, a friend of beggars and poor people. Even the sanctimonious Notre-Dame priest Claude was secretly ecstatic for her. The priest has […]

Who was Helen in the Trojan War?

Helen is the daughter of Zeus and Leda, the third king of the gods in ancient Greek mythology, and grew up in the palace of her stepfather, King Tyndareus of […]

Counting the 6 queens of Henry VIII

Henry VIII was the second monarch of the Tudor dynasty, reigning for 38 years. When he was young, he was handsome, strong, and full of vitality. He was particularly fond […]

What is Henry VIII’s background?

Henry VII, the father of Henry, is a descendant of the Lancaster royal family in England. In 1485, Henry VII defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, and he […]

When did the Trojan War happen

The Trojan War occurred during the Mycenaean civilization. The Mycenaean civilization is a relatively developed civilization in the early days of the world. It flourished from the 15th century BC […]

Is the Trojan War in Homer’s epic real or not?

Under the influence of “Homer’s Epic”, contemporary artists used movies to reproduce the popular “Trojan War”, which made archaeologists feel pressured because the tragedy of the Trojan horse massacre has […]

Russian political system

Russia is located in the northern part of Eurasia, straddling the two continents of Europe and Asia, with a land area of ​​17.0982 million square kilometers. It is a multi-ethnic […]

BBC World News History and Information

BBC World News History and Information BBC World News (Formerly known as BBC World) is the BBC ‘s international news channel. It is the most watched of all BBC channels. […]