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Category: Asian History

How to measurement units of ancient wine?

Everything can be counted in units of measurement, so how is ancient wine measured? What are the measurement units of ancient wine? Are you curious too? The following editor will […]

Jinuo costume characteristics

Although the Jinuo people are small in number, they are a very distinctive ethnic group in terms of clothing. In general national costumes, women’s costumes are often more abundant than […]

The original meaning of Utopia

Utopia is originally means “no place” or “good place”. The extension is that there are still ideals and good things that are impossible to accomplish. The Chinese translation can also […]

Why the yen is not worth

Within one year after the surrender in World War II, domestic prices have skyrocketed, almost 40 to 50 times what they were before the war. The authorities had no choice […]

Why are cows so sacred in India?

Generally speaking, Hinduism does not advocate eating meat. In Vedic culture, eating meat is equivalent to eating unclean or ignorant food. Moreover, the karma of eating meat is very high, […]

Suzhou Lion Forest Historical

In 1341, the eminent monk Tianru Zen came to Suzhou to give a lecture, and he was supported by his disciples. The following year (the last emperor of the Yuan […]