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Category: African History

How did Tutankhamun’s name come from?

Tutankhamun (meaning “image of Amon” in Egyptian), was born about 1341 BC. He was the twelfth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty in the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt. He […]

Who is Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun (1341 BC 1323 BC) was a pharaoh of the 18th dynasty during the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt. His original name was “Tutankhamun”, which means the image of […]

What is Sumer Civilization?

“Sumer Civilization” is an ancient civilization that originated in Mesopotamia. which the origin It is located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The Sumerian civilization stood out for its language, […]

Why Abyssinia changed its name to Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Empire, also known as Abyssinia, is a country with a long history and frequent turbulence. In the 1930s, Mussolini and De Bono created dissatisfaction and chaos in the […]

How did the Ethiopian Empire perish

The Ethiopian Empire is the predecessor of what is now Ethiopia and has a long history. The Ethiopian Empire still existed during World War II, even if it was already […]

What kind of city is Axum

Aksum is a city in northern Ethiopia. It’s known for its tall, carved obelisks, relics of the ancient Kingdom of Aksum. Most are in the Northern Stelae Park, including a […]

Why did ancient Egypt build Pyramids?

Pyramid is used to preserve the tomb of ancient Egyptian kings. It is famous for being tall and majestic. It is full of mystery and attracts tourists from all over […]

Icon Destruction in the Byzantine Empire

Iconoclasm is the deliberate destruction within a culture of the culture’s own religious icons and other symbols or monuments, usually for religious or political motives. … The Byzantine term for […]

Tell more about Coffee

Coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans obtained from coffee trees. Popular hot drinks But can also be drunk cold Sometimes it is popular to add milk or cream […]

Where is Mauritania?

Mauritania Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Islamic Republic of Mauritania The territory of Mauritania consists of Berber, Moorish and many nomadic tribes. There Migration and travel of various ethnic groups, both […]