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Category: Entertainment News

What is the origin of puppet show

Generally speaking, scholars believe that the origin of puppet show is Quanzhou, Fujian, and the time is about the 17th century. In terms of later development, the puppet theater genre […]

What is the adaptation of “Zhong Zi”

“Zhong Zi” is an ancient costume fairy drama produced by Julang Film and Television. The show was broadcast on Tencent Video. The play is adapted from the novel of the […]

Who is the starring role in “Zhong Zi”

Helpless in love, helpless to kill each other, master and disciple opposing, but the love is unbreakable. The heavy purple Yang surpasses, Luo Yinfan Xu Zhengxi Jeremy Jones’ fate is […]

What is the stem of a bed in Cao County?

What is? Caoxian County, Heze, Shandong has recently become popular on the network short video platform. Suddenly, “Beijing, Guangzhou and Cao”, “I would rather have a bed in Cao County […]

“Sword to Come” character profile

“Sword to Come (剑来)” is an online novel serialized on The author is a prince of Fenghuo Opera. Worlds, full of wonders. Heaven’s path collapses, I Chen Ping’an, I […]

“Yulong” Long Yan is injured

遇龙 – Yulong in Miss the Dragon Chinese Series Liu Yuxiang spread the rumors that Qingqing was a monster and Ayu who was always with Qingqing was also a demon. […]

What did Fan Lihua say to Fu Tang?

Fan Lihuazi Xue Gang killed the prince drunk during the Lantern Festival, and shocked Tang Gaozong to death, which also led to Xue Gang’s rebellion against Tang. Fan Lihua was […]

Stop mocking “Shanghai Ladies”

The article “Hidden Shanghai Ladies” can be said to have stirred up waves with a single stone, and the topic was immediately rioted. The Internet was even more ridiculed by […]

Mouse: The Predator’ viewing point

Ahead of the release of the special edition drama’Mouse: The Predator’,’Mouse’ gave three more amazing’watching points’. TVN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ is an exciting narrative that bursts with shocking reversals […]