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Category: Entertainment News

Animal life, disability Learning

Fans of the PBS series Nature are accustomed to being photographed until their last breath. But they’re not used to being heart-wrenching. Our Wednesday installment, My Bionic Pet, is about […]

Where to watch Stream

In a near future where almost the entire human population has dropped to just over 2 million following the virus outbreak, ‘See’ focuses on the power struggle between two tribes […]

The best TVs of 2021

This year’s television showcases intelligence, humor, defiance and hope. Here are some highlights picked by The Times TV critics: ‘Inside‘: Written and Filmed in a Single Room Bo Burnham’s comedy […]

“Half Warm Time” Scheduled Time

半暖时光 – The Memory About You Some time ago, the TV series “Half Warm Time” (半暖时光) was revealed to be scheduled for Jiangsu Satellite TV, and it is expected to […]

Jun Jiuling – Chu Jiuli is good or bad

君九龄 – In the drama “Jun Jiuling”, Chu Jiuli is the sister of the heroine and married Lu Yunqi after the heroine disappeared. It seems that he doesn’t know whether […]