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Category: Entertainment News

My friend, that is racism

Rick Riordan posted an article expressing his opinion. Amid the dissatisfaction that the character Annabeth Chase in Disney Plus’ live-action series Percy Jackson & the Olympians was played by Leah […]

Glory of Special Forces Ending

Finale: Yan Poyue won the Warrior Medal. (特战荣耀) Glory of Special Forces (2022) Yan Poyue entered the village pretending to be a shepherd, and successfully connected with the informant. Hearing […]

Will there be a Machete 3?

The ‘Machete’ franchise is a favorite of many, as its absurdity and exaggerated sense of humor make it a fun and entertaining watch any time of the week. In the […]

What is the Temporal Aura in Loki

As the third entry in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki introduces several new elements. to the most popular movie franchises of all time. and expand the scope […]

The ugliest costume drama list TOP

Although the drama “Mirror Twin Cities” starring Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi became popular after its release, almost all of them were scolded for nothing, whether it was the plot, […]

2022 Popular Drama Character Index TOP

In February, there are super many new dramas. In addition to the continuous broadcast of “This Life With You” and “Mirror Twin Cities”, there are also “Hello, Sharpshooter” and “Old […]

2022 iQIYI TV drama popularity list TOP

iQIYI recently released a sweet pet drama “Twinkle Twinkle Star”, which was well received, and was discussed more than “Hello, Sharpshooter” and “Old Glazed Tile”. At the beginning of 2022, […]

Animal life, disability Learning

Fans of the PBS series Nature are accustomed to being photographed until their last breath. But they’re not used to being heart-wrenching. Our Wednesday installment, My Bionic Pet, is about […]

Where to watch Stream

In a near future where almost the entire human population has dropped to just over 2 million following the virus outbreak, ‘See’ focuses on the power struggle between two tribes […]

The best TVs of 2021

This year’s television showcases intelligence, humor, defiance and hope. Here are some highlights picked by The Times TV critics: ‘Inside‘: Written and Filmed in a Single Room Bo Burnham’s comedy […]

End of Happiness Is Easy (不惑之旅)

Finale: Marlene and Simple finally get married. (The journey without confusion) Wan Liming met with Zhuo Xiaoting, and Feng Chunsheng led the disclosure of Ovano. He also showed Xiaoting related […]

“Half Warm Time” Scheduled Time

半暖时光 – The Memory About You Some time ago, the TV series “Half Warm Time” (半暖时光) was revealed to be scheduled for Jiangsu Satellite TV, and it is expected to […]

Jun Jiuling – Chu Jiuli is good or bad

君九龄 – In the drama “Jun Jiuling”, Chu Jiuli is the sister of the heroine and married Lu Yunqi after the heroine disappeared. It seems that he doesn’t know whether […]

What is the origin of puppet show

Generally speaking, scholars believe that the origin of puppet show is Quanzhou, Fujian, and the time is about the 17th century. In terms of later development, the puppet theater genre […]

What is the adaptation of “Zhong Zi”

“Zhong Zi” is an ancient costume fairy drama produced by Julang Film and Television. The show was broadcast on Tencent Video. The play is adapted from the novel of the […]

Who is the starring role in “Zhong Zi”

Helpless in love, helpless to kill each other, master and disciple opposing, but the love is unbreakable. The heavy purple Yang surpasses, Luo Yinfan Xu Zhengxi Jeremy Jones’ fate is […]

What is the stem of a bed in Cao County?

What is? Caoxian County, Heze, Shandong has recently become popular on the network short video platform. Suddenly, “Beijing, Guangzhou and Cao”, “I would rather have a bed in Cao County […]

“Sword to Come” character profile

“Sword to Come (剑来)” is an online novel serialized on The author is a prince of Fenghuo Opera. Worlds, full of wonders. Heaven’s path collapses, I Chen Ping’an, I […]

“Yulong” Long Yan is injured

遇龙 – Yulong in Miss the Dragon Chinese Series Liu Yuxiang spread the rumors that Qingqing was a monster and Ayu who was always with Qingqing was also a demon. […]

What did Fan Lihua say to Fu Tang?

Fan Lihuazi Xue Gang killed the prince drunk during the Lantern Festival, and shocked Tang Gaozong to death, which also led to Xue Gang’s rebellion against Tang. Fan Lihua was […]

Stop mocking “Shanghai Ladies”

The article “Hidden Shanghai Ladies” can be said to have stirred up waves with a single stone, and the topic was immediately rioted. The Internet was even more ridiculed by […]

Mouse: The Predator’ viewing point

Ahead of the release of the special edition drama’Mouse: The Predator’,’Mouse’ gave three more amazing’watching points’. TVN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ is an exciting narrative that bursts with shocking reversals […]

Introduction 17K Novel

17K was founded in 2006. It is a Chinese online reading website that integrates creation and reading. Chinese Online (stock code: 300364) Digital Publishing Group Co., Ltd. was established […]

Characters Spoilers Love Alarm 2

Love Alarm 2 – 좋아하면 울리는 2 Kim So- hyeon (Kim Jo-jo 扮) – North American dubbed Genie Tirado Source She suffered from childhood pain and lives in her aunt’s […]

Why recommend you to watch “Sito”?

Which drama is the hottest search in the same period as “Zuo Son”? “Shito”! The web drama “Si Teng” is adapted from the web novel “Si Teng” (half-monster Si Teng). […]

Does TikTok Make Money?

Does TikTok make money? Is a user question, starting with TikTok becoming the app that makes money from advertising and sells ads. By exceeding the point intended for entertainment Extremely […]

The Most Beautiful Night in 2020

The most beautiful night bilibili party in 2020 – 2020最美的夜bilibili晚會 “The Most Beautiful Night in 2020” bilibili gala is co-sponsored by bilibili and CCTV, and co-produced by Wuhan Municipal Bureau […]

The Sea of ​​Stars Chinese Drama

The series is a set of women’s inspirational dramas. In the early 1990s, Jane Eyre, an orphan, moved to Guangzhou to work. She became an excellent foreign trade merchandiser and […]