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Category: Taiwanese Drama

Someday or One Day 想見你 (2019)

Someday or One Day (2019)Other Title: 想見你 / Some Day Or One Day? / 想见你 / Xiǎngjiàn nǐ Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, School, Drama, SupernaturalEpisodes: 13Country: TaiwanDirector: Writer: Network: CTVRelease […]

Light of Cloudy Day 烏陰天的好日子 (2019)

Light of Cloudy Day (2019)Other Title: Good day in Wuyintian / 烏陰天的好日子 Genres: Taiwanese DramaEpisodes: 13Country: TaiwanDirector: Cai YihuaWriter: Huang JingweiNetwork: Hakka TVRelease Date: Oct 21, 2019Related Show: Cast: Enson […]

K.O. 3AN-GUO New Ultimate 2017 終極三國 (终极三国) (2017)

K.O. 3AN-GUO New Ultimate 2017Other Title: 終極三國 (终极三国) / Zhong Ji San Guo 2017 Genre: Wuxia, fantasyEpisodes: 69Country: TaiwanDirector: Wu Jian Xin / Feng Jia Rui 冯家瑞Writer:Network: Youku / GTV (Joint China/Taiwan production)Release Date: Jun 19, 2017Related Show:  […]

Your Voice, My Heart 笙声入心 (2019)

Your Voice, My HeartOther Title: 笙声入心Genres: Taiwanese Drama,  Romance, GayEpisodes: 20Country: TaiwanDirector: Writer:Network: Release Date: Dec 31, 2019Related Show:  Cast: Xie Wei Su Yexin Synopsis:Su Ye Xin left his parents to live on his own because they were furious […]

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities 雙城故事 (2018)

A Taiwanese Tale of Two CitiesOther Title: 雙城故事 Genres: Taiwanese DramaEpisodes: 20Country: TaiwanDirector: Writer:Network: NetflixRelated Date: September 1, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Chen Tammy Wen James Tseng Peggy Huang Denny Synopsis:A Taipei doctor and a San Francisco engineer […]

Lion Pride 獅子王強大 (2017)

Lion PrideOther Title: 獅子王強大 / Shīziwáng qiángdà / Lion King Powerful Genre: Taiwanese DramaEpisodes: 16Country: TaiwanDirector: Chen Bao Zhong 陳保中Writer: Zhu Ying 諸英, Huang Zi Jie 黃姿潔Network: TTVRelease Date: December 2, 2017Related Show: – Cast: Yen Tsao […]

Mary Sue & Jack Sue 玛丽苏遇上杰克苏 (2017)

Mary Sue & Jack SueOther Title: 玛丽苏遇上杰克苏 / Ma Li Su Yu Shang Jie Ke Su Genre: Friendship, Comedy, Romance, LifeEpisodes: 30Country: ChinaDirector: Writer:Network:  iQiyi, KKTVRelease Date:  Nov 17, 2017Related Show:  Cast: Liu Jasper as Su Zhi Huan […]

Dark Blue and Moonlight 深藍與月光 (2017)

Dark Blue and MoonlightOther Title:  深藍與月光 / Shēnlán yǔ yuèguāng Genre: Taiwanese Drama, Romance, Gay,Episodes: 12Country: TaiwanDirector: Writer:Network: Release Date: Nov 21, 2017Related Show: – Cast: Aric Chen as Su Hai Qing Ting Yun Wang as Yan Fei Ting […]

JOJO’s World: Special 我和我的四個男人特輯 (2017)

JOJO’s World: Special (2017)Other Title: 我和我的四個男人特輯 Genre: Friendship, Comedy, RomanceEpisodes: 1Country: TaiwanDirector: Writer:Network: TTVRelease Date: Nov 18, 2017Related Show: JOJO’s World (Parent Story) Cast: Li Tia as Lin Chun Jiao / JoJo Hwang Jacob as Yi Sheng / Louis Synopsis:Special […]

JOJO’s World 我和我的四個男人 (2017)

JOJO’s WorldOther Title: 我和我的四個男人 / Wo He Wo De Si Ge Nan Ren / When a Woman Chases a Man / JoJo’s World Genre: Comedy, Romance, Taiwanese Drama Episodes: 15Country: TaiwanDirector: Writer:Network:  TTVRelease Date: Aug 5, 2017 – […]

Fusulina of Remember 紡綞蟲的記憶 (2018)

Fusulina of RememberAlso known as:  紡綞蟲的記憶 / Fang Chui Chong De Ji Yi / The memory of the spinning locust Genres: Taiwanese Drama, Drama, RomanceEpisodes: 12Country: TaiwanDirector: Yang ShunqingWriter: Wen Cai , Gao MiaohuiNetwork: Release Date: February […]

Facebook Café 非私不可咖啡館 (2018)

Facebook CaféAlso known as: 非私不可咖啡館 / Private Cafeteria / Non-private cafe Genres: Taiwanese Drama,  Idol drama , online drama , science fiction dramaEpisodes: 10 EpisodesCountry: TaiwanDirector: Writer: Chapelle , Ukrainian slaveNetwork: myVideoRelease Date: Jan 28, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Liang Danny […]

Judo High 熱血高校 (2018)

Judo High (2018)Also known as:  熱血高校 / Re Xue Gao Xiao Genres: Drama, Romance, Action, Idol,  Friendship, School, SportsEpisodes: 24Country: TaiwanDirector: Xu ZhaorenWriter:Network:  iQiyiRelease Date: Jul 2, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Jiang Xue Ming as Yuan Fei Chen Ting […]

Tree in the River 動物系戀人 (2018)

Tree in the River 動物系戀人 (2018)Also known as:  動物系戀人 / Dong Wu Xi Lian Ren Ah / Animal Department Lovers / Animal Type Lovers Genres: Romance, dramaEpisodes: 20Country: TaiwanDirector: Writer:Network: TTV, Sohu TV, CHOCO […]