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Category: Drama

The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate (2013) 正阳门下

The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate (2013)Other Title: 正阳门下, Zhengyangmen , Zheng yang men xia, The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate Genres: Historical, Romance, Life, DramaEpisodes: 36Country: ChinaDirector: Liu Jia ChengWriter: Wang Zhi Li, Hao Jin […]

A Child’s Hope

A Child’s HopeOther Title: 孩有明天 / Hai You Ming Tian Genres: drama, Family, romanceEpisodes: 20Country:  SingaporeDirector: Writer: Network: Mediacorp Channel 8Release Date: May, 2003Related Show: Cast: Pat Huang Tay Ping Hui Phyllis Quek Yvonne Lim Florence Tan […]

1.5 Generation

1.5 GenerationOther Title:  Genres: dramaEpisodes: N/ACountry: South KoreaDirector: Lee Kwan HeeWriter: Park Jung HwaNetwork: MBCRelease Date: 1996Related Show: Cast: Shim Eun Ha as Cha Hye Kyung Jung Woo Sung as Jang Wook Son Ji Chang as Suk […]

Drama Game

Drama Game (2020)Other Title: 드라마게임 / Deuramageim Genres: dramaEpisodes: N/ACountry: South KoreaDirector: N/AWriter: N/ANetwork:  KBS2Release Date: April, 1984Related Show: Cast: N/A Synopsis:In 1984, KBS introduced the genre of single episode drama through Drama Game for the first […]

Golden Faith (2002) 流金岁月

Golden Faith (流金岁月)Other Title: 流金岁月, 流金歲月, 流金岁月, Lau Kum Sui Yuet, Liu Jin Sui Yue Genres: dramaEpisodes: 45Country: Hong KongDirector: Liang JiashuWriter: N/ANetwork: TVBRelease Date: September 16, 2002Related Show: Cast: Gallen Lo as Ting Sin Bun 丁善本 / […]

Fragrant Years (2012) 那样芬芳

So fragrantOther Title: 那样芬芳, Fragrant years, Fragrant Age (那样芬芳) Genres: dramaEpisodes: 34Country: ChinaDirector: An Jian Writer: Gu Weili Network: Dongfang, Shenzhen Satellite TVRelease Date: December 12, 2012Related Show: Cast: Xiao Song Jia Geng Le Guo Jingfei Wang Jingyun […]

Secret Garden (2010) 시크릿 가든

Secret Garden (2010) 시크릿 가든 Other Title:  Secret Garden / 시크릿 가든 / อลเวงรักสลับร่าง Genre: Melodrama,fantasy,romanceEpisodes: 20Director: Shin Woo Chul (City Hall,On Air,Hello Miss)Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook (City Hall,On Air,Hello Miss)Network: SBS   Release Date: November 13, […]

A Complete Life (2013) 双全

A Complete Life (2013)Other Title: 双全, Shuang Quan, A Complete Life Genres: drama, Human dramaEpisodes: 1Country: TaiwanDirector: Zhu Feng 朱峰Writer: Huang Yu Jia 黃雨佳Network: VideolandRelease Date: May 5, 2013Related Show: Cast: Gu Bao Ming as Wu Shuang Quan […]

Lady & Liar (2015) 千金女贼

Lady & Liar (2015)Other Title: 千金女賊, Qiānjīn nǚ zéi , The Lady & The Liar , Lady and the Liar , 千金女贼 , Gold Female Thief Genres: Historical, Romance, DramaEpisodes: 46Country: ChinaDirector: Zhou Xiao Peng, […]

A Scholar Dream of Woman (2016) 碧血书香梦

A Scholar Dream of WomanOther Title: 碧血书香梦, Bi Xue Shu XIang Meng, A Scholar Dream of Woman Genres: dramaEpisodes: 47Country: ChinaDirector: Jiang JiajunWriter: Jiang JiajunNetwork:  IQiyi, LeTV, Tencent Video, Wasu TVRelease Date: July 20, 2015Related Show: Cast: […]

A Happy Life 2 (2016) 天天有喜2之人间有爱

A Happy Life 2Other Title: 天天有喜2之人间有爱, Tian Tian You Xi 2: Ren Jian You Ai, A Happy Life 2 Genres: drama, MythologyEpisodes: 74Country: ChinaDirector: Huang Jian Xun, Su Yuan FengWriter: Fang Mei RenNetwork: Hunan TVRelease Date: Jan.,2016Related Show: […]

A Story of Lala’s Promotion (2010) 杜拉拉升职记

A Story of Lala’s PromotionOther Title: 杜拉拉升职记, Du lala zhi sheng ji, A Story of Lala’s Promotion Genres: dramaEpisodes: 32Country: ChinaDirector: Chen Ming ZhangWriter: Zhang Wei (张巍)Network: Dragon TV, Beijing TVRelease Date: April, 2010Related Show: Cast: Wang Luo […]

A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era (2010) 媳妇的美好时代

A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law EraOther Title: 媳妇的美好时代, Xi Fu De Mei Hao Shi Dai, A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era Genres: dramaEpisodes: 36Country: ChinaDirector: Liu Jiang (刘江)Writer: Wang Li Ping (王丽萍)Network: Dragon TVRelease Date: March, 2000Related Show: Novel Xi Fu De […]