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Category: Other Drama

The Chestnut Man (2021)

The Chestnut ManOther Title:  Genres: Drama, ThrillerEpisodes: 6Country: Denmark, USADirector: Writer: Soren SpanstrupNetwork: NetflixRelease Date: 2021Related Show: Cast: Synopsis:The Chestnut Man is set in the quiet suburb of Copenhagen, where the police make […]

Stranger’s Kiss (2021)

Stranger’s Kiss (2021)Other Title:  Genres: drama, Gay RelationshipEpisodes: –Country: PhilippinesDirector: –Writer: –Network: –Release Date: Feb 8, 2021Related Show: Cast: Xerxes Damuggo as Niko/Nicolo Andrei Perez LJ Russell as Prince Ryan Espanol as Julius Villamor Synopsis:It What if a […]

The Runner (2020)

The Runner – 大步走 Genre: Drama, RomanceEpisode: 25Country: Hong KongBroadcast: TVB Cast: Chen Shancong, Yao Ziling, Zhang Dalun, Liu Yingxuan, Luo Tianyu, Chen Ziyao, Hu Nuoyan, Zhao Xiluo, Jiang Zhiguang, […]

The House Arrest of Us (2020)

The House Arrest of Us (2020)Other Title: The House Arrest of Us / THAOU Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family, SitcomEpisodes: 13Country: PhilippinesDirector: N/AWriter: N/ANetwork: ABS-CBNRelease Date: Oct 24, 2020 – Jan 16, 2021Related Show: Cast: Kathryn Bernardo as […]

Al Cappuccino

Al Cappuccino – 反黑路人甲 –Other name: Anti-Triad PasserbyCategory: Hong Kong Drama 2020Genre(s): Comedy, CrimeEpisode(s): 30 Country: Hong KongBroadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese Cast: Vincent Wong, Owen Cheung, David Chiang, Crystal Fung, […]

The Secret of My Love æˆ‘男人的秘密

The Secret of My LoveOther Title:  我男人的秘密 Genres: dramaEpisodes: Country: SingaporeDirector: Writer: Network: Channel URelease Date: 28 Sep 2020Related Show: Cast: Song Chang Eui Kang Se Jung Kim Da Hyun Park Jung Ah Synopsis:It has been 14 […]

Love You, Hehe (2020) Labyu Hehe

Love You, Hehe (2020)Other Title: Ampalaya Chronicles Presents – Labyu Hehe , Bitter Melon Chronicles Presents – Love You Hehe , Love You Hehe / Labyu Hehe Genres: drama, Comedy, Romance, Youth, […]

My Extraordinary (2020)

My ExtraordinaryOther Title: My Extraordinary The Series / My Extra Ordinary Genres: drama, Friendship, Romance, Drama, gayEpisodes: 8Country: PhilippinesDirector: Writer: Network: TV5Release Date: Sep 27, 2020Related Show: Cast: Enzo Santiago as Ken Darwin Yu as Shake Karissa Toliongco […]

The Great (TV Series)

The Great (TV Series)Other Title: The Great Genres: dramaEpisodes: 10Country: AustraliaDirector: Tony McNamara (Creator), Matt ShakmanWriter: Tony McNamaraNetwork: Hulu, Channel 4‎ Release Date: May 15, 2020Related Show: Cast: Elle Fanning Nicholas Hoult Sacha Dhawan Charity Wakefield Phoebe Fox […]

The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter – é™é­”çš„2.0

The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter – 降魔的2.0 Country: Hong KongGenre(s): Drama, Horror, Comedy, SupernaturalEpisode(s): 25 Broadcast: TVB Cast: Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Ram Chiang, Susan Tse, Hubert Wu, Moon Lau SummaryThe […]

Amore (2020)

Amore (2020)Other Title:  Genres: drama, Filipino Drama Episodes: 30 episodesCountry:  FilipinoDirector: Writer: Network: Release Date: 2020Related Show: Cast: Synopsis:Two college dorm mates (Joey and Jimmy) tried to hide a baby inside the boys dormitory. While studying, […]

Normal People (TV Series)

Normal People (2020)Other Title:  Genres: dramaEpisodes: 14Country: IrelandDirector: Lenny Abrahamson, Hettie MacdonaldWriter: Sally Rooney, Alice Birch, Mark O’RoweNetwork: Release Date: 2020Related Show: Cast: Daisy Edgar-Jones Paul Mescal Sarah Greene Olga Wehrly Sebastian De Souza Leah McNamara, Synopsis:Marianne […]

Plan “B” – å¯¶å¯¶å¤§éŽå¤©

Plan “B” – 寶寶大過天Other name: BB Big Sun, BB大晒Genre(s): Comedy, FamilyRelease: Jun 14, 2021 – Jul 16, 2021 Episode(s): 25 Country: Hong KongBroadcast: TVB Cast: Kenneth Ma, Eliza Sam Introduction: […]