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Category: Hong Kong Drama

Leap Day (2020) 二月廿九

Leap Day (2020)Other Title: 二月廿九 / Er Yue Nian Jiu Genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, FantasyEpisodes: 4Country: Hong KongDirector:Writer:Network: HKTV, HKTV, ViuTVRelease Date: Mar 5, 2020Related Show: Cast: Sofiee Ng as Yeesa […]

Macau Family (2019) 澳门人家

Macau Family (2019)Other Title: 澳门人家 / Ao Men Ren Jia / Macau’s People / People of Macau / One Dream, One Home / One Dream One Home (澳門人家) Genres: Drama, […]

Wonder Woman (2019) 多功能老婆

多功能老婆Other Title: 多功能老婆 / Wonder Woman / Multifunctional Wife Genres: Drama,Episodes: 25Country: Hong KongDirector:Writer: Chen BaohuaNetwork:Release Date: November 25, 2019Related Show: Cast: Zhou Baihao Huang Haoran Yang Qianyi Zhu Chenli […]

The Man Who Kills Troubles 解決師 (2019)

The Man Who Kills Troubles (2019)Other Title: 解決師 / The Solution Expert / The Solvers / Solution division Genres: Fashion vigilance, suspense, crimeEpisodes: 30Country: Hong KongDirector: Writer: Network: TVB JadeRelease […]

As Time Goes By 好日子 (2019)

Good DaysOther Title: As Time Goes By (2019) / 好日子 Genres: Hong Kong DramaEpisodes: 20 EpisodesCountry: Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: TVB JadeRelease Date: Jun 24, 2019 – Jul 19, 2019Related Show:  Cast: Ben Wong as Chai Man Kei […]

Who Wants a Baby? BB來了 (2018)

Who Wants a Baby? (2018)Other Title: Baby is Here / BB is Here / BB來了 Genres: Hong Kong DramaEpisodes: 20 EpisodesCountry: Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: TVB JadeRelease Date: Jul 9, 2018 – Aug 3, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Ali […]

Justice Bao: The First Year 包青天再起風雲 (2019)

Justice Bao: The First YearOther Title: 包青天再起風雲 / Bāo qīngtiān zàiqǐ fēngyún Genres: Historical, DramaEpisodes: 30Country: Hong KongDirector: Yao Tianyuan , Lei Ruilin , Chen Jianghong , Wu Zhaorong , Huang WeisenWriter: Liang Zhixian , […]

Fist Fight 兄弟 (2018)

Fist FightOther Title: 兄弟 / Brothers Genres: drama, Hong Kong DramaEpisodes: 30Country: Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: TVBRelease Date: Dec 31, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Wong Vincent Yeung Matt Ng Philip Kong Kaman Zhu Rebecca Chan Toby Synopsis:The story follows the […]

Deep in the Realm of Conscience 深宫計 (2018)

Deep in the Realm of ConscienceAlso known as: 深宫計 / Gong Xin Ji 2: Shen Gong Ji / Shen Gong Ji Genres: Hong Kong DramaEpisodes: 36Country: Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: TVBRelease Date: 2018Related Show:  Cast: Steven Ma Kenneth Ma […]

White Strongman 白色強人 (2019)

Big White Duel (2019)Also known as:  白色強人 / Báisè qiáng rén / Big White Duel Genres: Drama, MedicalEpisodes: 25Country: Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: TVB JadeRelease Date: Jun 10, 2019 – Jul 12, 2019Related Show:  Cast: Ma […]

Twelve Legends 十二傳說 (2019)

Twelve LegendsAlso known as:  Our Unwinding Ethos / 十二傳說 Genres: Hong Kong DramaEpisodes: 12 EpisodesCountry: Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: Release Date: Dec 31, 2019Related Show:  Cast: Edwin Siu Cheung Wing Hong Lin Xia Wei Moon Lau Angel […]

The Forgotten Valley 平安谷之詭谷傳說 (2018)

The Forgotten ValleyAlso known as: 平安谷·逐個捉 / Safety Valley / Catch One by One Genres: DramaEpisodes: 20Country: Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: TVB JadeRelease Date: Jan 15, 2018 – Feb 9, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Raymond Wong as Luk […]

Birth of a Hero 翻生武林 (2018)

Birth of a HeroAlso known as: 翻生武林 / Wulin Revival Genres: Historical, Martial ArtsEpisodes: 20Country:  Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: TVBRelease Date: Mar 5, 2018 – Mar 30, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Siu Edwin as Luk Wan Lung Chan Grace as […]

Hong Kong TV Series Year 2010

A Fistful of Stances A Pillow Case of Mystery Beauty Knows No Pain Can’t Buy Me Love Criminal Investigation Cupid Stupid Don Juan DeMercado Every Move You Make Fly with […]

Hong Kong TV Series Year 2011

7 Days in Life A Great Way to Care Be Home for Dinner Bottled Passion Curse of the Royal Harem Ghetto Justice GO GO GO Hong Kong Grace Under Fire […]

Hong Kong TV Series Year 2012

Bottled Passion Come Home Love Daddy Good Deeds Divas in Distress Friendly Fire Ghetto Justice Gloves Come Off Highs and Lows House of Harmony and Vengeance King Maker L’Escargot Let […]