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Category: Chinese Drama

Anti-Fraud League 反骗天下 (2019)

Anti-Fraud League (2019)Other Title: 反骗天下 / Fan Pian Tian Xia Genres: Suspense, InvestigationEpisodes: 12Country: China MainlandDirector:Writer:Network: QQLiveRelease Date: Dec 4, 2019 – Dec 13, 2019Related Show: Cast: Gao Ren as […]

To Get Her 殿下攻略 (2019)

To Get Her (2019)Other Title: 殿下攻略 / Diànxià gōnglüè / Dian Xia Gong Lue / 惹不起的殿下大人 / DianXiaGongLue / ReBuQiDeDianXiaDaRen / Re Bu Qi De Dian Xia Da Ren Genres: […]

You are my miracle 你是我的奇迹 (2019)

You are my miracle 你是我的奇迹 (2019)Other Title: 你是我的奇迹 / Nǐ shì wǒ de qíjī Genres: Love Mystery, dramaEpisodes: 24Country: China MainlandDirector:Writer:Network: Tencent videoRelease Date: December 2, 2019Related Show: Cast: Ji […]

Dumb 哑舍 (2019)

哑舍 (2019)Other Title: 哑舍 Genres: Youth HistoryEpisodes: 50Country: China MainlandDirector:Writer: Xuan SeNetwork: iQiyiRelease Date: December 1, 2019Related Show: Cast: Hu Ge Wang Kai Synopsis:Introduction to the story of Dumb House: […]

Beautiful Woman 女人花似梦 (2019)

Beautiful Woman 女人花似梦 (2019)Other Title: 女人花似梦 / Woman Flower Dream Genres: Food, Romance, DramaEpisodes: 24Country: China MainlandDirector:Writer:Network: Hunan TVRelease Date: Dec 31, 2019Related Show: Cast: Jung Il Woo as Jin […]

Jade Lovers 翡翠恋人 (2019)

Jade Lovers (2019)Other Title: Jade Sweetheart / Emerald Jade Lover / 克拉恋人2:翡翠恋人 / 翡翠恋人 Genres: Romance, FantasyEpisodes: 35Country: China MainlandDirector:Writer:Network: YoukuRelease Date: Dec 21, 2019 (Monday, Tuesday)Related Show: Cast: Lee […]

Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020)

Upstream (2020)Other Title: Wǎng jù shàngyóu jùqíng jièshào / Online drama upstream plot introduction / 网剧上游剧情介绍 Genres: Romance, Urban Drama, Web DramaEpisodes: 40 episodesCountry: China MainlandDirector: Sha WeiqiWriter: Jin YuanyuanNetwork: […]

Rush into Danger 极速救援 (2019)

Rush into Danger (2019)Other Title: Ji Su Jiu Yuan / Speed Rescue / 极速救援 Genres: Action, MedicalEpisodes: 40 Country: China Mainland Director: Shu Peng Yang Writer: Network: Hunan TV, QQLive, […]

The Remedy 漫长的告别 (2019)

The Long Goodbye (2019)Other Title: 漫长的告别 / Màncháng de gàobié / Long farewell / Please don’t do / The Remedy Genres: Criminal, Psychology, Group XEpisodes: Country: China MainlandDirector: Ma ZhiyuWriter: […]

Second Time Is a Charm 第二次也很美 (2019)

Second Time Is a Charm 第二次也很美 (2019)Other Title: 第二次也很美 / The second time is also great / Dì èr cì yě hěn měi Genres: Comedy, Romance, FamilyEpisodes: 57Country: China MainlandDirector: […]

Eighteen Again 突然回到十八岁 (2020)

Suddenly returned to the 18-year-old (2019)Other Title: 突然回到十八岁剧情介绍 / Suddenly Returned to 18 Years Old / Eighteen Again Genres: Youth, DramaEpisodes: 24 episodesCountry: China MainlandDirector: Chen YuhuiWriter: Gu HaoNetwork: YoukuRelease […]

The Royal Fox Season 1 御狐之绊第一季 (2019)

御狐之绊第一季 (2019)Other Title: The first season of the Royal Fox Genres: Costume, Comedy, Drama Online, DramaEpisodes: 12Country: China MainlandDirector: Writer: Network: iQIYIRelease Date: November 4, 2019Related Show: Cast: Luo Xiang […]

Hello Joann 2 你好乔安2 (2019)

Hello Joann 2 (2019)Other Title: 你好乔安2 / Ni Hao Qiao An 2 Genres: Drama, Comedy, RomanceEpisodes: 38Country: China MainlandDirector: Yang BoWriter:Network: Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TVRelease Date: 2019-11-21Related Show: […]

The land of hope 希望的大地 (2019)

The land of hope (2019)Other Title: 希望的大地 / Hope of the earth / The land of hope Genres: Age, RevolutionEpisodes: 30 episodesCountry: China MainlandDirector: Wu ZiniuWriter: Wang ChenggangNetwork: CCTV-1 Release […]

Homeland 河山 (2019)

Homeland 河山 (2019)Other Title: 河山 Genres: WarEpisodes: 50Country: China MainlandDirector: Wang XinjunWriter: Network: Beijing Satellite TV, iQiyi, TencentRelease Date: November 6, 2019Related Show: Cast: Wang Xinjun Qin Haiqi Xin Baiqing […]