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Category: English Intro

I Should Have Just Died Chapter 4

Alyssa sighed. “Is he still there?” The maid shed a contemptuous gaze at Alyssa. “I guess you’re curious about that now. The Duke will be back soon. Oh, why isn’t […]

I Should Have Just Died Chapter 3

‘Seidrick!’ ‘Brother? What brings you here so early?’ It was Kendrick who called the laid-back Seidrick who was reading books while walking along the road-side trees. Kendrick got off the […]

I Should Have Just Died Chapter 2

Nobody wants Seidric to make Alyssa look good. Alyssa didn’t think she would live to see it too. She’s just counting the moments as things get dull. She just does […]

I Should Have Just Died Chapter 1

The marriage of Seidrick Cambridge and Alyssa Avery was the greatest tragedy and issue for the Kingdom of Castor and all the nobles living in the Kingdom of Castor. People […]

Chapter 1 You are a Tomb Raider (1)

You trash bastard. That was something Ju-Heon had heard for close to ten years. “Hyung. [1] The world is so shitty.” His dongsaeng would always say that and then sigh. […]