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Category: Chinese Intro

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 5

Under the dim lighting, a man slightly bent his waist while a woman stood on her tiptoe. Their noses rubbed against the other and their lips tightly pressed against each […]

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 4

Bar Vista. Not only was Bar Vista one of the most expensive places in the capital, it was also the largest and most well-known bar in B City. Rather than […]

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 3

In the middle of the magnificent hall, a good-looking man and woman walked toward Pei Ge. The woman, who was wearing an elegant, white evening gown, held on to a […]

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 2

“When you meet your cousin later, you better say a proper thank you. Although she was overseas all these years, she’s always been thinking of you, even recommending so many […]

Provocative Fiery Wife Chapter 1

“Hello, Mom. Uhm… I’m here. I know, I know. I won’t fail this time….” Sighing, Pei Ge hung up the phone. After all these blind dates, I hope I meet […]

Love Switch Chapter 6

Thank goodness, someone finally saw it, and rushed to fight these people. The splashed liquid fell on her face, I do n’t know what it was … The effect of […]

Love Switch Chapter 5

Zhou Yanzhao looked at her coldly: “You have really grown up and you have learned to talk back to me. If I didn’t look at that point of love, do […]

Love Switch Chapter 4

The countdown is zero and the email disappears instantly, as if the alcohol evaporates in the air, leaving no trace. She couldn’t help sending a text message to Xiao Si, […]

Love Switch Chapter 3

Zhou Xiaomeng opened his eyes: “Are you going to help?” He reached out and squeezed her chin. He had strong hands, and he was not drunk at this moment. Zhou […]

Love Switch Chapter 2

The other three girls in the dormitory are living students, and naturally get along better than her. Three people talked about the latest movies and stars, and the new counselor […]

Love Switch Chapter 1

Zhou Xiaomeng is still taking a bath. Auntie Sun has come to knock on the door once, and the second time, just across the door and said, “Miss, you are […]

Martial Peak Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – 147 Losses Within the Tower disciples’ internal struggles, every year there are many who die. Zhou Ding Jun seeing this unflinching and courageous brother, couldn’t help but […]

Martial Peak Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Breaking through the wall and not looking back In the school there was one rule: All Sky Tower disciples were allowed to be challenged once every five […]

Martial Peak Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The servant who sweeps A new day begins, and Kai Yang woke up. He cleaned up and took the broom lying in the corner of the small room […]