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Category: Chinese Intro

Chapter 2 Crazy Quotes

The heavy rain fell until the afternoon. After the rain stopped, the sun came out, Bai Xiaobei put on his boots, and in the eyes of his parents’ doubts, he […]

Chapter 1 The Change of Honeysuckle

The sun rises and the gorgeous morning glow renders the eastern horizon. In the morning breeze, the honeysuckle that swayed all over the mountains was gently swayed with the breeze, […]

Chapter 3 Unforgivable

After a moment of stunned God, Su Tianfeng understood that until now, she had no way to hide anything, even if she didn’t say her identity now, the man in […]

Chapter 2 Escaped

Su Tianfeng finished and looked up to Su Muen, “If it is reported in the future, the Tang family would rather park the body of the mother for a few […]

Chapter 3 are all scams

Bang– After a thunderstorm, heavy rain suddenly poured in. Stopped in a black car with double flashes on the side of the road, the driver turned and asked the man […]

Flash Married Husband Sweet Chapter 2

Qingyuan District, south of the city. After getting out of the taxi at the entrance of the community, Tang Miaoyu ran home without a breath. Seeing that Xue Zhupei was […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 5

“Yang Chen, have you prepared the money I let you prepare yesterday? My brothers are waiting for that money to go eat breakfast and have a drink.” Chen Feng swung […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 4

When the morning light shined its way through the mottled windows and into Yang Chen’s home, Yang Chen swayed his head in a daze. He wanted to get up, but […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 3

Soon after walking near this small bar, Yang Chen understood that he came to the right place. The small bar’s misty lights were vague yet dreamlike. All around; at the […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 2

Hearing the praise, Rose slightly blushed, bit her smooth lips, and with a tone full of remorse she said, “What use is there being pretty? A certain someone seldom comes […]

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Chapter 1

In the evening, in the farmers’ market located in the west region of Zhong Hai city, there were numerous noisy pedestrians and vehicles indifferently passing through. Vegetable leaves and dirty […]