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Category: Book Clubs

Tomo-Chan Wa Onnanoko!

Tomo-Chan Wa Onnanoko!Alternative:トモちゃんは女の子! (Japanese); Tomo-chan ha Onna no ko! ; Tomo-chan wa Onna no Ko! ; Tomo-chan is a girl! (English); Tomo-chan là con gái! (Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt – […]

I am from the void

I am from the void – 我来自虚空Black Bird Society Introduction: Xu Qian traveled to a world where he could contract spirit beasts, and obtained the identity of a “corrector” during […]

I have a room in Huangquan

I have a room in Huangquan – 我在黄泉有座房Seeing Jiao across the water (original) + Minglun culture Introduction: Ding Xiaoyi’s grandfather passed away and Ding’s family business went bankrupt. Ding Xiaoyi […]

Get Rid of That Bad Girl

Get Rid of That Bad Girl – 除掉那个恶女Haegi (lead author) + Your April (original) Introduction: Dressed as Alicia, the villain in the novel, she was the villain who was executed […]

New Crayon Shin-chan

New Crayon Shin-chan (Full Color Bar Man) – 新蜡笔小新(全彩色条漫)Yoshito Usui + Futabasha Introduction: [Color Bar Version World Premiere] Studied at the dynamic kindergarten, like the beautiful big sister, the dynamic […]

Who is your destiny!

In our life, we will meet countless people, no matter who they are, they are the people who should appear in your life. Some people teach you to grow, some […]

Journey to the West

Journey to the West (西游记) Author: Wu Chengen Genre: Classical Novel Introduction: “Journey to the West” is a classical novel written by Wu Cheng’en in the Ming Dynasty, and it […]

Little Prince

Little Prince Author: [French] Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Genre: Children’s Literature Introduction: The protagonist of The Little Prince is a little prince from an alien planet. The book uses a pilot […]

Wet Life (Shocking!)

For a period of time, the disciple felt very miserable in life and was very troubled. The master took the disciple to an open area and asked, “Look up, what […]

Rebirth creates a food business myth

Novel: Rebirth creates a food business myth (重生缔造美食商业神话) Type: Modern Romance Author: Nine Needles Qingsong Role: Xu Siying’s father Introduction: Everyone is looking for the book “Rebirth to Create a […]

Quick Pass: Cannon Fodder Counterattack, We Can Win

The novel is called “Quick Pass: Cannon Fodder Counterattack, We Can Win” 《快穿:炮灰逆袭,苟住我们能赢》 It is a novel by Yotsuba. Featured content: Fuxing died at the highlight of life, and the […]

First Sweet Wife: Mr. Huo, you’re wrong!

Novel: First Sweet Wife: Mr. Huo, you’re wrong! (第一甜妻:霍先生,撩错了!) Author: Nan Qian Main characters: Jiang Qingxin, Huo Xu Type: Domineering President Synopsis: [I accidentally picked up the legendary boss, what […]

Skeleton Daddy

Skeleton DaddyOther Name: 骷髅奶爸 Genres: Western fantasyAuthors: mago, Gobookybooks, Jizhishe Description: After the Demon World Skeleton lived alone, he planned to raise a cat from the Human World, but the cat in the […]

This island is kinda creepy

This island is kinda creepyOther Name: 这个岛有点妖 Genres: Manhua, fantasyAuthors: gossip cat man Description: A straight man who serializes romance novels, a rebellious girl who lacks fatherly love, and three monsters who […]

The ghost lights up, I’m terrified

The supernatural ghost story “Ghost Lighting the Lamp, I’m Terrified” tells about this incident. In 1969, a group of ignorant students, waving their spiritual creeds, descended from the high school […]

The Wife of a Powerful Minister

The Wife of a Powerful Minister (权臣贵妻) [Rebirth + Ancient Words + Intrigue + Scumbag] Zhou Ruanyu, as the granddaughter of the imperial grandfather, is a well-known and noble daughter […]

Overdramatic Society

Freedom of expression on controversial or scandalous news makes an online world become a dramatic society, particularly when reporters present ‘useless content’ that deems inappropriate to public perception. In the […]

Save the dust (Yuan Zaju script)

Chinese name: 救风尘 (元杂剧剧本), Saving the Dust Author: Guan Hanqing The full name of “Save Fengchen” is “Zhao Paner Fengyue Save Fengchen ” . Existing editions include: ” Ancient Famous […]

Xiaocun Shengyi Novel Xu Daqiang Fan Yuelan

Novel: Xiaocun Shengyi Novel Xu Daqiang Fan Yuelan (小村圣医小说徐大强范月兰免费读) Author: Complete Works of Xu Daqiang and Fan Yuelan’s Novels Protagonist: Xu Daqiang and Fan Yuelan Type: Xiaocun Shengyi Biqu Pavilion […]

Parts of the book

Effective Library Operations Librarians should know the characteristics and parts of a book in order to help the operation be good, fast, and accurate, and help the reader to be […]

Immortal Evergreen

Immortal Evergreen (仙道长青)Author: Lin Quan Hermit Synopsis: “Xian Dao Changqing” is a fairy tale novel written by the author Lin Quan hermit. It is currently being serialized. The protagonist is […]

Su Huiqing Yu Shijin

Su Huiqing Yu ShijinOther Name: 苏回倾喻时锦 Genre: Romance, NovelsAuthor: all the way to trouble flowersYear: 2020Status: Completed Synopsis: “Su Huiqing Yu Shijin” is a romance novel written by the author Yiyi Fanhua. It […]