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Category: Chinese Novel

Feng Yue Da Song

Feng Yue Da Song (Novel)Other Name: 风月大宋 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: CaravanYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In the Northern Song Dynasty, the whole world fell apart, the treacherous ministers were in charge of […]

Xu Xiake Mountain and River Unknown

Xu Xiake Mountain and River Unknown (Novel)Other Name: 徐霞客山河异志 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Tea XianYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:It is said that Xu Zhenzhi has walked many places on foot, and his […]

History of Penalty

History of Penalty (Novel)Other Name: 刑罚的历史, The history of punishment Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Luo XiangYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:China’s punishment began in ancient times, has experienced changes of the times, and […]

Ni Song

Ni Song (Novel)Other Name: 逆宋 Genre: novelAuthor: Lie XuanYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The modern young man Chai Zongxun is just a workman who runs for life. Year old little emperor. According […]

15th in Beijing

15th in Beijing (Novel)Other Name: 两京十五日 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Ma BoyongYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In the 19th year of Yongle, Emperor Yongle moved the capital from Jinling to Beiping . Three […]

Electronic Datang

Electronic Datang (Novel)Other Name: 电子大唐 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Xiao 3fc7af728167Year: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Ye Jiming was originally just an ordinary hitman, who lives every day And running around. Under the karma, […]

Huaqiang Novels

Huaqiang Novels (Novel)Other Name: 花腔小说 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Li ErYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Bai Shengtao, Zhao Yaoqing, and Fan Jihuai have been looking for a person named Ge Ren. In the […]

The Three Kingdoms Era

The Three Kingdoms Era (Novel)Other Name: 三国大时代 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Fox Sword FairyYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The Eastern Han Dynasty, the world is in chaos Heroes from all walks of life […]

I Have Nine Emperors and Noble Concubines

I Have Nine Emperors and Noble Concubines (Novel)Other Name: 朕有九个皇贵妃 Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Chili Scrambled EggsYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:After Liu Ming woke up, he found that there was a classical […]

I Become the Golden Finger of Apprentices

I Become the Golden Finger of Apprentices (Novel)Other Name: 我成了徒弟们的金手指 Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: Xiaoxiao XuYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The body is a chaotic green lotus Jiang Liyan, and the strength of […]

Jinxiwei By Zhou Jianxin

Jinxiwei (Novel)Other Name: 锦西卫 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Zhou JianxinYear: 2021Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In 1931, Zhang Tianyi was ordered by his boss to go to the Shenyang team as a deputy. He […]

Hard to provoke a sweet wife: abduct a man to be a husband

Hard to provoke a sweet wife: abduct a man to be a husband (Novel)Other Name: 娇妻难惹:拐个男配当老公 Genre: novelAuthor: N/AYear: 2018Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: When the gold medal killer was dressed as […]

Tai Chi on Oracle

Tai Chi on Oracle (Novel)Other Name: 甲骨上的太极 Genre: novel, science, fictionAuthor: Xiaopeng, Tang Yirui, and Song ZiYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In the future world of 2058, when He Xi has just […]

Emperor Fu Ji

Emperor Fu Ji (Novel)Other Name: 覆帝记 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Xian Yuye PiaoYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:China has gone through dozens of dynasties for thousands of years and reached the end of […]

The Strongest Ancestor in History

The Strongest Ancestor in History (Novel)Other Name: 史上之最强老祖 Genre: novel, Martial ArtsAuthor: Yanling XianjunYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Ten thousand years ago, he used his own power to become an insurmountable power […]

The King of Acupuncture and Medicine

Shen Zhen Yao Wang (Novel)Other Name: 神针药王 Genre: novel, Martial ArtsAuthor: Lin Feng and Ning MengyanYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Lin Feng has been learning Chinese medicine since he was a child, […]

Fatal sweet wife: the president wants to remarry

Fatal sweet wife: the president wants to remarry (Novel)Other Name: 致命媚妻:总裁要复婚 Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: sweet treasureYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Since childhood, Gu Xiaocheng has been a proud man in the eyes […]

The Sumi Tower of the Nine Palaces

The Sumi Tower of the Nine Palaces (Novel)Other Name: 九宫天阙之须弥楼 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Xuan’erYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Chang Hu’er is a member of the empress dowager Chang. Just because the empress […]

Mengbao is not allowed to run

Meng Bao drives to pet mommy is not allowed to run (Novel)Other Name: 萌宝驾到宠溺妈咪不准跑 Genre: novel, RomanceAuthor: Xia LeshuiYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Yan Ruoxi and Fu Dongli, and the author tries […]

Heroes in Troubled Times

Heroes in Troubled Times (Novel)Other Name: 乱世英雄寞 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Moshang RanYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Today’s emperor is called Liu Hong. He is not the first emperor’s biological son, but the […]

Man in the Game

Man in the Game (Novel)Other Name: 局中人小说, Juzhongren Novels Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Liu YuYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Shen Fang is Shen Fang from the Intelligence Office of the Kuomintang Military Reunification […]

Lady Lin’s First Ever Journey To Immortality

Lady Lin’s First Ever Journey To ImmortalityOther Name: Genre: novelAuthor:Year: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Lin Luoran is a 27-year-old girl from a rural family. She doesn’t have a college degree, let alone […]

Wolf on the Brocade

Smoke on the cake (Novel)Other Name: 锦上狼烟, Wolf Smoke on the Brocade, Wolf on the Brocade Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Xiao Long BaoYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Nie Xun is a prince of […]

Great Song Shu Merchants

Great Song Shu Merchants (Novel)Other Name: 大宋蜀商, The Shushang of the Song Dynasty Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Li YouxunYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In the early days of the prosperous Great Song Dynasty, […]

Dafan Palace

Dafan Palace (Novel)Other Name: 大梵宫 Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Du AnyinYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Murongxin and Cui Rusu. The story mainly tells: In the eastern capital city where grass is long and […]

Emperor Fu Ji

Emperor Fu Ji (Novel)Other Name: 覆帝记, Futei Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Xian Yuye XianYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:China has gone through dozens of dynasties for thousands of years and reached the end of […]

Muyuan Blood Drops

Muyuan Blood Drops (Novel)Other Name: 木鸳血滴子, Mu Yuan Xue Di Zi Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Su QiwenYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:At the end of the Ming Dynasty, General Yuan Chonghuan was imprisoned in […]

Dafan Palace by Du Anyin

Dafan Palace Other Name: 大梵宫 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Du AnyinYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In the eastern capital city where grass is long and ying flies, it is a banquet scene convened […]

Human Emperor System Emperor Xin

Human Emperor System Emperor Xin (Novel)Other Name: 人皇系统帝辛, Emperor Xin Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Situ QingchenYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Li Qing always felt that his peaceful life was a bit boring but […]

The Legend of the Tiger and the Dragon

The Legend of the Tiger and the Dragon (Novel)Other Name: 风虎云龙传, Wind Tiger Yunlong Biography Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Liu GuojunYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:During the Qing Dynasty, with the decline of […]

I’m Reborn After Immortal Cultivation Full Level

I’m Reborn After Immortal Cultivation Full Level (Novel)Other Name: 修仙满级后我重生了, I’m Reborn After Immortal Cultivation Full Level Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: A little peaYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Qian Renxi is a god […]

More than love

More than love (Novel)Other Name: 岂止钟情 Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: Cen Lee Year: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The popular male star Sheng Yu and Ji Qingwan, known as the goddess, were exposed to […]

Big Brother Only Remember Me After Amnesia

Big Brother Only Remember Me After AmnesiaOther Name: 大佬失忆后只记得我, The boss only remembers me after amnesia Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: Dingjia ShuYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Fu Nanli, the captain of Dongchuan Airlines […]

Deep Love and Favor: Cold-blood CEO and His Young and Beautiful Wife

Deep Love and Favor: Cold-blood CEO and His Young and Beautiful Wife NovelOther Name: 浓情盛宠:冷漠总裁俏娇妻 Genre: novel, Fantasy, Josei, Romance Author: Lan Yanlan 蓝颜岚 Year: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Tang was cheated […]

I am a male god in the last days

I am a male god in the last daysOther Name: 我在末世当男神 Genre: novel, Sci-Fi Author: JiuyangYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The main story is that Mo Xie is an ordinary college student. […]

Chenglong Jiao Son-in- law Zhao Feiqing

Chenglong Jiao Son-in- law Zhao Feiqing (Novel)Other Name: 乘龙佳婿赵飞擎, Chenglong Jiao Son, The Strongest Visiting Scholar Genre: novel, Sci-FiAuthor: Three Little PigsYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The Liberal Arts student Zhao Feiqing […]

Technology Evolution

Technology Evolution (Novel)Other Name: 科技进化, Iron Empire Genre: novel, Science, FictionAuthor: Snail Carrying HomeYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:It tells a cool novel about a male protagonist who counters his life after […]

Empress Doctor: The Evil King’s Heart

Empress Doctor (Novel)Other Name: 神医凰后:邪王心尖宠 Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: Cai SangYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:The protagonist Feng Qing and Yang Xuanyuan Tianming, who was originally a 21st century Interpol and heir of a […]

Wife thin margin: Please wait to remarry her ex-husband

Wife thin margin: Please wait to remarry her ex-husband Author: Hu JinzhiOther Name: 情深缘薄:前夫复婚请静候, Deep Love: Ex-husband’s Remarriage, Please Wait for Miaobi Pavilion Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: Hu JinzhiYear: 2020Chapter: 252Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] […]

Fatal Sweet Wife: President Tap Love’s

Fatal Sweet Wife: President Tap Love’sOther Name: 致命媚妻:总裁轻点爱, Fatal Sweet Wife: President, lightly love Genre: novelAuthor: Lu NanyinYear: 2020Chapter: 214Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: Lu Nanyin Gu Xiaocheng; Lu Nanyin has always been […]

Marriage Ripple

Introduction: The craziest thing Qiao Xi had ever done was to provoke the third uncle of the Lu family that night. After being kicked, she fled in embarrassment, fearing in […]

Shenhao Life Renewal System

Shenhao Life Renewal System (Novel)Other Name: 神豪续命系统 Genre: novel, Science, FictionAuthor: little houseYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The main story is that if someone told him three years ago that he could […]

Ultimate Evolution

Ultimate EvolutionOther Name: 终极进化 Genre: novel, Science, FictionAuthor: Tokyo DreamYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:After Chu Xiao was admitted to university, not long after getting along with his classmates, his parents made […]

From Sidekick to Bigshot

Description:Previously, Jian Yiling was the supporting character who was destined to be cannon fodder. However now, with the memories of future events, Jian Yiling who had crossed into the novel […]

The Great Qin Empire

The Great Qin Empire (Novel)Other Name: 大秦帝国之天下, The Empire of the Qin Dynasty, The World of the Great Qin Empire Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Sun HaohuiYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In the autumn […]

Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warm

Have you for the rest of my life, sweet and warmOther names: 余生有你, 甜又暖, For the rest of my life, 余生有你,甜又暖, ลืมรักเลือนใจ, Lifetime of Bliss and Contentment With You, LBCWY, Yúshēng Yǒu […]

The Revenge of the Contract Bride

Jian Liming Xuanjue Contract Bride’s RevengeOther names: The Revenge of the Contract Bride, 契约新娘复仇记Author: Jian Liming XuanjueGenre: NovelRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: The protagonist is Jian Liming Xuanjue’s novel called “The Revenge of the Contract Bride” […]

I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot (Novel)Other Name: ISMTOABS Genre: novel, Josei, RomanceAuthor: Light DanceYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:“Hubby, I don’t want anymore, I feel terrible&h.e.l.lip;” “Baby, be good, finish […]

Qin Keqing Zhu Huaijing

Qin Keqing Zhu HuaijingOther names: 秦可卿朱怀镜Author: N/AGenre: NovelRelease: 2018Status: 23 Complete Description: “Don’t, don’t take off my pants…” Qin Keqing, who was lying in the grass, blushed and shouted anxiously. Although this is not a […]

Days of Living With Handsome Brother

Description:After losing part of her memory as a child, Zhuo Yifeng starts to live as Su Muyun’s older sister and has to endure living under the same roof with her […]

As deep as you are, as deadly as you

As deep as you are, as deadly as youOther Name: 情深刻骨,致命如你 Genre: novelAuthor: FoxYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: “Sentimental, Deadly Like You” is a novel of a wealthy family written by […]

Love does not panic

Love does not panicOther Name: 爱情不慌张 Genre: novelAuthor: Ni ManYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: Today, the editor brings you Ni Man’s original novel “Love Doesn’t Panic”. The protagonist is Wu Zhuang […]

Boss, she has to die if she doesn’t get married

Boss, she has to die if she doesn’t get marriedOther Name: 大佬她不结婚就得死 Genre: novelAuthor: Ye XiangliYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: Today, the editor brings you Ye Xiangli’s original novel “Big Brother, […]

Hawthorn Love

Hawthorn Love (Novel)Other Name: 山楂树之恋, Love of Hawthorn Tree, The Hawthorn Tree Love Genre: novelAuthor: N/AYear: 201XChapter: 48Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Jing Qiu was a beautiful girl in the city. Because her father […]

Novel (C)

C Ambiguous Male babysitter with kitchen knife Wealth is very strong The glamorous wife of the chaebol The cute thing of the chaebol big and young: hilarious marriage Tailor Legend […]

Thousands of Beautiful Girls

Thousands of Beautiful GirlsOther Name: 千娇百媚, Beautiful Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: Iraqis KuikuiYear: 201XChapter: 155Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Hey, the water is green, and the sound of the oars leaps across the surface of […]

Luo Fengshan

Luo Fengshan (Novel)Other Name: 落凤山 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Dong XinyiYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Canglang and Canghu resolutely plunge into intricate disputes in order to avenge their mother who was killed by […]

Back to the Ming Dynasty

Back to the Ming Dynasty (Novel)Other Name: 回到大明朝, Return to the Ming Dynasty, A Little Soldier in the Bordering Army at the End of the Ming Dynasty Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Lao […]

Killing Three Thousand Crows

Three Thousand Crows (Novel)Other Name: Killing Three Thousand Crows, 三千鸦杀 Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: 14 LangYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:On the balcony, the princess Diji sang Dongfeng peach blossoms, which made the […]

Bargain Queen (Bargainer)

Bargain Queen (Bargainer) (Novel)Other Name: 砍价女王(砍价师), Bargaining Queen (Bargaining Division) Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: sleep late meowYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:One day, after Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian discussed a bargaining plan, […]

The Concubine Guide (Jade Heart Like Jade)

The Concubine Guide (Jade Heart Like Jade) (Novel)Other Name: 庶女攻略(锦心似玉), Brilliant Heart Like Jade Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: creakYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Concubine Luo Xiniang, born in a family of officials and […]


Red (Novel)Other Name: 红色, is Xu Tiantian Dan Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Xu BingYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Xu Tian has a stunt, but hides his identity as a small accountant, helping the […]

Small Town Chronicle

Small Town Chronicle (Novel)Other Name: 小城纪事 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Wang HaichunYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Wen Zida is a frequent visitor of Xianyun Tea House, living in a comfortable small city, and […]

Pour Xu Jiangshan

Pour Xu JiangshanOther Name: Pour Xu Jiangshan, 倾许江山 Genre: novelAuthor:Year: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:By chance, your mother passed away. You and your sister were mistaken for the dancers, and they were […]

Kind gold

Kind goldOther Name: 亲切的金子 Genre: novelAuthor: Park Chan-wookYear: 2013Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In the early morning, the layers of dark clouds in the sky seemed to herald the coming of a blizzard. […]

Super Soldier

Super Soldier (Novel)Other Name: 超级兵王 Genre: novelAuthor: Bu QianfanYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:He is the king of the mercenary world, and he is the king of soldiers who make heads of […]

President’s first love: girl, don’t be too bad

President’s first love: girl, don’t be too bad (Novel)Other Name: 总裁初恋:丫头,别太坏 Genre: novel, Xianyan NovelAuthor: Xing YiYear: 201XChapter: 365Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Gu Xi entered society and endured the indifferent state of the […]

Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy

Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy (Novel)Other Name: Tiānjià Bǎobèi: Diē Dì, Chāo Gěilì!, 天价宝贝:爹地,超给力! Genre: novel, Romance, Comedy, ActionAuthor: Ban Cheng Fan Xue, 半城凡雪Year: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:“He is the entertainment king […]

Dragon King Jie, Sheng Chong against Heaven and Shang Fei

Dragon King Jie, Sheng Chong against Heaven and Shang Fei (Novel)Other Name: 龙王劫,盛宠逆天商妃 Genre: novel, FantasyAuthor: Lili WeiYear: 2019Chapter: 3698Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:She travels through other worlds, and genius becomes waste. The contracted […]

Finally Waiting For You

Finally Waiting For You (Novel)Other Name: 终于等到你 Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: blue and whiteYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:This is a hilarious love story, a gorgeous counterattack story of a female man, and […]


Yulouchun (Novel)Other Name: 玉楼春 Genre: novel, romanceAuthor: Qing Song aYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:On the eighth day of July in the first year of the founding of the beginning, this day […]

The Beautiful Time With You

The Beautiful Time With You (Novel)Other Name: 时光和你都很美 Genre: novel, Comedy, Josei, Romance, Slice of LifeAuthor: Ye Fei Ye (叶非夜)Year: 2018Chapter: 1137 Chapters (Complete)Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Shortly after his marriage, Lin Jiage […]

The Great Song Regent of the Water Margin

The Great Song Regent of the Water Margin (Novel)Other Name: 水浒之大宋摄政王 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Gao XuanYear: 2020Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Song An is a mercenary in modern society, this year he is […]

The Villain’s Wife

The Villain’s Wife (Novel)Other Name: Genre: novel, Romance, Comedy, JoseiAuthor: TheblipsYear: N/AChapter: N/ARelated story: WARNING: FL is scheming and evil.Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Like almost every dramatic romance novel, Lily Qin’s story began with […]

Leng Mei’s Royal Highness’s Alien Princess

Leng Mei’s Royal Highness’s Alien PrincessOther Name: 冷魅殿下的异界公主 Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: Ghost Dance QianpianYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: This time, I will bring the book friends a reading of the wonderful […]

Seal with lips (Novel)

Seal with lips (Novel) Other Name: Seal with lips / 以唇封缄 / Kiss Me Genre: novel, Modern RomanceAuthor: Wind and NatureYear: 2019Chapter: 518Related story: [Read More] Synopsis:Before her rebirth, she was squeezed together by her […]

Sweet flash marriage: husband, spoiled

Sweet flash marriage: husband, spoiled (Novel)Other Name: 闪婚甜蜜蜜:老公,放肆宠 Genre: novelAuthor: Shu XiaYear: 20XXChapter: XXRelated story: Summary:Gu Xi confusedly married the emperor Yu Tingchen of City A, and was squeezed every day since. A few people […]

Who Dote on His Wife: The Chief President Lives in My House

Who Dote on His Wife: The Chief President Lives in My House (Novel)Other Name: 宠妻无度:首席总裁住我家, Who Dote on His Wife: The Chief President Lives in My House Genre: novel, PresidentAuthor: NorthboundYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated […]

Rural Villagers

Rural villagersOther Name: 乡野村民, Countryside Villagers Genre: novel, city, romanceAuthor: Toothpick brotherYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: The protagonist is Li Xiaobao, and Aunt Liu’s novel is “Country Villagers”. Its author is […]

Qingwen’s Dreamlike Order

Qingwen’s Dreamlike OrderYi JingzhuOther Name: 晴雯的如梦令 Genre: novel, Fantasy, romanceAuthor: Yi JingzhuYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: The classic novel “Qingwen’s Dreamlike Order” is a fantasy and romantic novel written by Yi […]

Tasha in the Great Song Dynasty

Tasha in the Great Song Dynasty (Novel)Other Name: 大宋踏莎行 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: n/aYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Shangguan Feng did not expect that after a party drunk, he went through By the […]

Legendary Army Soul

Legendary Army Soul (Novel)Other Name: 传奇军魂 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Wu Nai CabbageYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Xue Changqing only drank some wine with her roommates because of graduation, but he didn’t expect […]

Yunhuang Song of Four Seasons

Yunhuang·Song of Four Seasons (Novel)Other Name: 云荒·四时歌 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Li DuanYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Qingyue heard from an early age that people said that the old prince Cangwu was a […]

Chang’an Road

Chang’an Road (Novel)Other Name: 长安道 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Jianghu YeyuYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Li Xuan, a youngster from the Western Regions who returns to Chang’an, and uncovers a series of shocking […]

Nuo God Cui Lao Dao and Beating God Whip

Nuo God Cui Lao Dao and Beating God Whip (Novel)Other Name: 傩神崔老道和打神鞭 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Cui DaochengYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In the early years of the Republic of China, Cui Daocheng, […]

Abandoned Guard

Abandoned Guard (Novel)Other Name: 弃卒镖局, Abandoned Pawn Escort Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Gu ChengyangYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:King Ning conspired to rebel, and Jin Yiwei assisted in secret, but accidentally implicated the […]

Emperor Xin

Emperor Xin (Novel)Other Name: 人皇系统帝辛, Human Emperor System Emperor Xin, Mythical I am a Tyrant in the Shang Dynasty Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Situ QingchenYear: 2018Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Li Qing always felt […]

The President’s Personal Chef

The President’s Personal ChefOther Name: 总裁的贴身小厨娘, Genre: novelAuthor: the son of the Dong familyYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: The protagonist is Xiang Wan, and Fan Chen’s novel “The President’s Personal Chef” […]

Soul file

Soul fileOther Name: 灵魂档案 Genre: novelAuthor: LeleYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: “Soul Files” author: Lele, a rich family type novel, protagonists: Liu Yang, Jiang Lin, this novel mainly tells: “Why kill […]

Plane Supplier

Plane SupplierOther Name: 位面供应商 Genre: novelAuthor: sixth child Year: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: Many book friends are chasing a novel called “Planar Supplier” recently. It is an officialdom novel created by […]

Proud Genius: The Evil King Against the Heaven

Proud Genius: The Evil King Against the Heaven Other Name: 傲世天才:邪王逆天宠 Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: Mi Xiao Year: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: Mi Xiao’s new book “Proud Genius: The Evil King Against […]

The Wind Will Rise Feng Xing Piao Miao

The Wind Will Rise” Feng Xing Piao Miao (Novel)Other Name: 风行录之风将起, The Wind of Feng Xing Lu Genre: novel, Martial artsAuthor: Floating in theYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: “The Wind Will […]

Chang’an Twelve Hours

Chang’an Twelve Hours (Novel)Other Name: 长安十二时辰 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Zhang XiaojingYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The fire of the Shangyuan Festival, which not only illuminates the night sky, but also a catastrophe […]

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian (Novel)Other Name:  年先生,慢慢喜欢你, Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly Genre: novel, Mature, Romance, School Life, Slice of LifeAuthor: Leaf Snow,Ye Xue,葉雪Year: 20XXChapter: 1064Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] […]

Miss Mad Immortal Guard

Miss Mad Immortal GuardBy FengyaOther Name: 大小姐的狂仙护卫 Genre: novelAuthor: FengyaYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: The protagonist is Lu Yang and Tian Liang’s novel “Miss the Mad Immortal Guardian”. This article is […]

There is a Sweet Wife in the Palace of War

There is a Sweet Wife in the Palace of WarOther Name: 战王府里有娇妻 Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: XiaoqingcaiYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: The exclusive full version of the novel “There is a sweet […]

Imperial phoenix worldBy Po Meng

Imperial phoenix worldOther Name: 御凤天下 Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: Po Meng Year: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: This time, I will bring book friends a reading of the wonderful ending chapters of Meng […]

The Lost Lord

The Lost LordOther Name: 失却之主 Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: Demon dreamYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: This time, I will bring the book friends a reading of the wonderful ending chapters of the […]

I Have a Summoning System Who Are I Afraid of

I Have a Summoning System Who Are I Afraid of (Novel)Other Name: 我有召唤系统我怕谁 Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: Heng Chen Zhuo Shui Year: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: The protagonist is Chen Qu, and […]

Counter Attack: Waste Material Becomes a Goddess

Counter Attack: Waste Material Becomes a Goddess (Novel)Other Name: 逆袭之战:废材变女神 Genre: novel, romance, travelerAuthor: Peach BlossomsYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:The protagonist Lin Yueer, a small waste material is infatuated with the royal, […]

The Other Shore

The Other Shore (Novel)Other Name: 彼岸 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Zhao YanYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The story took place in the 1960s and 1970s in the twentieth century. It was a period […]

The Climber

The Climber (Novel)Other Name: 攀登者 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: AlaiYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:In the last century, in the 1960s, there was such a pair of people and horses, carrying tools to […]

Cattle Book Supplier

Cattle Book Supplier (Novel)Other Name: 牛书供应商 Genre: novel, HistoryAuthor: Nanquan BeiyuYear: 2018Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Yang Chen somehow became a propagator of Ten Thousand Ways, making books of various knowledge and skills, […]

The Evil Emperor Laying on the God and Mad Concubine

The Evil Emperor Laying on the God and Mad ConcubineOther Name: 邪帝睐上神藤狂妃 Genre: novel, fantasyAuthor: Zi Luoyun Year: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: There are many book friends who are chasing after […]

Urban Surgeon

Urban SurgeonOther Name: 都市术医 Genre: novel, Science, FictionAuthor: the starsYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Lu Xiaohan and Fang Fei. The end of the author’s stars. It tells the story of Lu Xiaohan, […]

The World of Movies by the Dreamer

The World of Movies” by the DreamerOther Name: 电影的世界有梦之人 Genre: novel, Science, FictionAuthor: Xu YifanYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:After Xu Yifan was accidentally sucked into a mobile phone, he found that […]

Conquer the worldBy Yun Xihua

Conquer the worldOther Name: 谋覆天下, Pursuing the World, Pursuing to Overthrow the World Genre: novelAuthor: Yun Xihua Year: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: Yun Xihua’s new book “Measuring to Cover the World” […]

Bloody Battle

Bloody Battle (Novel)Other Name: 热血战斗 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: unknownYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Once Zhai Qin was reborn into the Republic of China, he actually became a young master. The company commander. […]

Who is by my side

Who is by my side (Novel)Other Name: 谁在我身旁薄荷二两 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Mint ErliangYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Fang Ming and Chen Lin were together when they were in college. Others said they […]

Fire Casting Soul

Fire Casting Soul (Novel)Other Name: 烈焰铸魂 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: Zhou ChangqingYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:Qin Yuqing is a casting celebrity in Botou, Hebei. Three generations of his family are committed to […]

Mr. Lu are my destiny

Mr. Lu, you are my destinyOther Title: Chief BossAuthor: Nan WuGenre: novel, novel, urban romanceChapter: 20+Release: 20XX Description:Su Li has fed dogs for 15 years of youth. Once betrayed by her husband, she resolutely divorced […]

Rebirth space as a spoiled wife

Space for rebirth as a spoiled wifeOther Title:Author: Xu warmGenre: novel, Urban, RomanceChapter: 1254Release: 2017 Description:She, a ghost doctor passed on, died in an explosion, and was reborn into a fool girl in her […]

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Growing Fond of You, Mr NianOther Title:Author: Leaf Snow,Ye Xue,葉雪Genre: novel, Mature, Romance, School Life, Slice of LifeChapter: 1064+Release: 20XX Description:It was supposed to be a perfect deal in which both parties got what […]

Dragon King Jie

Dragon King Jie (Novel)Other Name: 龙王劫,盛宠逆天商妃 Genre: novel, FantasyAuthor: Lili WeiYear: 201XChapter: 40+Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:She travels through other worlds, and genius becomes waste. The contracted spirit beast’s rune was taken away, but […]

Proud Bone Guarding the Mountains and Rivers

Proud Bone Guarding the Mountains and Rivers (Novel)Other Name: 傲骨守山河齐天龙 Genre: novel, historyAuthor: unknownYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The national crisis is at the head, and the motherland is facing invaders. In […]

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Book

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Book #1Other Name: Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Book #1 Genre: Novel, RomanceCountry: China MainlandAuthor: North NightYear: 2015Chapter: 217 pagesRelated story: Synopsis: She was a […]

Marriage of the Di Daughter

Marriage of the Di DaughterOther Name: 嫡嫁千金 Genre: novel, Drama, Historical, Josei, Martial Arts, Mature, RomanceCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Qian Shan Cha Ke (千山茶客)Year: 2017Chapter: 241 Chapters + extras (Complete)Related story: […]

Stray Birds 飞鸟集 (Novel)

Stray Birds 飞鸟集 (Novel)Other Name: 飞鸟集 Genre: novel, PoetryCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Rabindranath Tagore (1861 – 1941)Year: 1916Chapter: Related story: Summary:This collection of poems includes 325 untitled poems, most of which […]

The King’s Avatar 全职高手 (Novel)

The King’s Avatar Other Name: The King’s Avatar / 全职高手/ Quan Zhi Gao Shou Genre: novel, Country: China MainlandAuthor: Butterfly Blue (蝴蝶蓝)Year: 2013Chapter: Related story: Summary:In the online game Glory, […]

Spirit Realm (Novel)

Spirit Realm (Novel)Other Name: Ling Yu / Linh Vực / SR / 灵域 Genre: novel, Web Novel, Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mystery XuanhuanCountry: China MainlandAuthor: Ni Cang TianYear: […]

Wolves and Smokes

Wolves and Smokes (Novel)Other Name: 狼烟燎原, Wolf Smoke Burning Plain Genre: novel, historyAuthor: unknowYear: 2019Chapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction:The story of Zhang Youcai holding fast meat in his hand and showing it […]

Ice Fantasy 幻城 (Chinese Novel)

Ice Fantasy by Guo Jing MingOther Name: 幻城 / Huànchéng Genre: Chinese novelCountry: ChinaAuthor:  Guo Jing MingYear:Episodes: 29Related story: Summary: Many years later, I stood on a rock near the coast, facing the ocean, facing […]

Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess

Rebirth of Spoiled Crown Princess (Novel)Other Name: 重生溺宠太子妃 Genre: novel, Adventure, Historical, Josei, RomanceAuthor: 端木初初Year:Chapter: 130+Related story: Summary:In the general’s house, the eldest daughter is born again. In the last […]