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Category: Chinese Novel

After rebirth, she forcibly spoiled the paranoid Ji Ye Novel

Title: After rebirth, she forcibly spoiled the paranoid Ji Ye; 重生后,她强宠了偏执季爷Author: Hao AnyiCategory: Modern RebirthStatus: FinishedAuthorization: signing Introduction After rebirth, she forcibly spoiled the paranoid Ji Ye: In the previous […]

With Phoenix Novel

Title: with phoenix, 与凤行, The Legend of Shen Li (与凤行)Author: Jiulu FeixiangGenre: Fairy novel, Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy Introduction: The ancient god died, and there is only the last god […]

Madam slaps her face online every day Novel

Madam slaps her face online every day (夫人每天都在线打脸) By Southern Love Gu Mang kicked the motorcycle’s kickstand, kicked the accelerator, and the motorcycle roared onto the road. When passing by […]

Top Couples Are A Little Sweet Novel

Top Couples Are A Little Sweet Title: The top couple is a bit sweet, 顶流夫妇有点甜 Author: Mr. Pattern Category: Other Novels Description: Some hot topic: “Why do Wen Li and Song […]

Peerless General Novel

Peerless General (绝世小将军) Author: Anonymous Introduction: When Chen Xin woke up, he found that he had traveled through and became the only son of the great general of Chu Shangguo […]

Crazy About Su Nian Lu Moting Novel

Crazy About Su Nian Lu Moting Novel (狂想苏念陆墨霆) Fiction: Rhapsody Author: Mo Yanxi Main characters: Su Nian, Lu Moting Type: Modern Romance Novel Overview: “Fantasy” is a fiery novel written […]

Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine

Novel: Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine (冷王枭宠:庶女嫡妃) Type: Rebirth through time Author: Curtain Curtain West Crazy Role: Murong Jing Su Liu’s The novel “Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine” […]

My Flame Blue (Tong Yan Jiang Shaoyang)

Novel: My Flame Blue, 我的火焰蓝(童颜蒋少阳) Type: Modern Romance Author: monster truck z Character: Tong Yan Jiang Shaoyang Do you like to read novels classified by modern romance? Don’t miss a […]

Through your world, I have nothing

Novel: Through your world, I have nothing (途径你的世界,我一无所有) Fiction: Modern Romance Author: gentleman cat Role: Bai Lan Yi Jiang Zhaoming Introduction: Bai Lanyi is a beautiful boss who is in […]

My Luck Blasts the Earth

Name: My Luck Blasts the Earth (我的运气炸裂了地球) Type: Fantasy Author: half-day leisure Role: Chen Changgeng Su Xiaoxiao The popular novel “My Luck Blasts the Earth” has been released. It is […]

The God Level Master Ling Tianwang Bingxia

In the story of the god-level master Ling Tianwang Bingxia (天师下山我有六个神级师傅凌天王冰夏), the protagonist Ling Tian grew up in a Taoist temple on Longpan Mountain and learned art from six masters. […]

Body Swap, Senior Becomes Buddy

Novel Title: Body Swap, Senior Becomes Buddy (身体互换,学长成了哥们) Protagonist: He Lin Jiancheng Synopsis: On a night of thunderstorms, He Lin, who failed in her confession, met Jian Cheng, a hated […]

System: You must get full marks in the exam

Novel: System: You must get full marks in the exam (系统:你考试必得满分) Type: Modern Romance Author: Four Seasons Three Autumns Role: Zhou Sisi Four Seasons Three Autumns The classic modern romance […]

Zhu Yan

“The Mirror Prequel” Zhu Yan (朱颜) Introduction: “Zhu Yan” is a prequel to the “Mirror” series. It tells the emotional entanglement between Zhu Yan, the county master of the Chizhi […]

Urban: Rebirth of the Unbridled Life

Novel: Urban: Rebirth of the Unbridled Life (都市:重生肆意人生) Type: Urban Author: Yuwen Feishhuang Introduction: Zhou Yu, the world’s top agent, was reborn in a parallel world. In this life, he […]

Urban Dog Food System

Urban Dog Food System (都市狗粮系统) Introduction: The female protagonist is Su Mei and the male protagonist is Ye Tian’s novel is “Urban Dog Food System”. This is an urban supernatural […]

Si Shao’s Flash Marriage and New Wife

Novel Name: Si Shao’s Flash Marriage and New Wife – 司少的闪婚鲜妻 Type: Modern Romance Author: Jin Ye Protagonist: Luo Yuanhang Jiang Shiwei The editor brings you the novel “Master Si’s […]

Journey to the West

Journey to the West (西游记) Author: Wu Chengen Genre: Classical Novel Introduction: “Journey to the West” is a classical novel written by Wu Cheng’en in the Ming Dynasty, and it […]

Rebirth creates a food business myth

Novel: Rebirth creates a food business myth (重生缔造美食商业神话) Type: Modern Romance Author: Nine Needles Qingsong Role: Xu Siying’s father Introduction: Everyone is looking for the book “Rebirth to Create a […]

Quick Pass: Cannon Fodder Counterattack, We Can Win

The novel is called “Quick Pass: Cannon Fodder Counterattack, We Can Win” 《快穿:炮灰逆袭,苟住我们能赢》 It is a novel by Yotsuba. Featured content: Fuxing died at the highlight of life, and the […]