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Category: Novel

Crazy About Su Nian Lu Moting Novel

Crazy About Su Nian Lu Moting Novel (狂想苏念陆墨霆) Fiction: Rhapsody Author: Mo Yanxi Main characters: Su Nian, Lu Moting Type: Modern Romance Novel Overview: “Fantasy” is a fiery novel written […]

Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine

Novel: Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine (冷王枭宠:庶女嫡妃) Type: Rebirth through time Author: Curtain Curtain West Crazy Role: Murong Jing Su Liu’s The novel “Leng Wang Xiao Chong: Concubine Concubine” […]

My Flame Blue (Tong Yan Jiang Shaoyang)

Novel: My Flame Blue, 我的火焰蓝(童颜蒋少阳) Type: Modern Romance Author: monster truck z Character: Tong Yan Jiang Shaoyang Do you like to read novels classified by modern romance? Don’t miss a […]

Through your world, I have nothing

Novel: Through your world, I have nothing (途径你的世界,我一无所有) Fiction: Modern Romance Author: gentleman cat Role: Bai Lan Yi Jiang Zhaoming Introduction: Bai Lanyi is a beautiful boss who is in […]

My Luck Blasts the Earth

Name: My Luck Blasts the Earth (我的运气炸裂了地球) Type: Fantasy Author: half-day leisure Role: Chen Changgeng Su Xiaoxiao The popular novel “My Luck Blasts the Earth” has been released. It is […]

The God Level Master Ling Tianwang Bingxia

In the story of the god-level master Ling Tianwang Bingxia (天师下山我有六个神级师傅凌天王冰夏), the protagonist Ling Tian grew up in a Taoist temple on Longpan Mountain and learned art from six masters. […]

Body Swap, Senior Becomes Buddy

Novel Title: Body Swap, Senior Becomes Buddy (身体互换,学长成了哥们) Protagonist: He Lin Jiancheng Synopsis: On a night of thunderstorms, He Lin, who failed in her confession, met Jian Cheng, a hated […]

System: You must get full marks in the exam

Novel: System: You must get full marks in the exam (系统:你考试必得满分) Type: Modern Romance Author: Four Seasons Three Autumns Role: Zhou Sisi Four Seasons Three Autumns The classic modern romance […]

Zhu Yan

“The Mirror Prequel” Zhu Yan (朱颜) Introduction: “Zhu Yan” is a prequel to the “Mirror” series. It tells the emotional entanglement between Zhu Yan, the county master of the Chizhi […]

Urban: Rebirth of the Unbridled Life

Novel: Urban: Rebirth of the Unbridled Life (都市:重生肆意人生) Type: Urban Author: Yuwen Feishhuang Introduction: Zhou Yu, the world’s top agent, was reborn in a parallel world. In this life, he […]

Urban Dog Food System

Urban Dog Food System (都市狗粮系统) Introduction: The female protagonist is Su Mei and the male protagonist is Ye Tian’s novel is “Urban Dog Food System”. This is an urban supernatural […]

Si Shao’s Flash Marriage and New Wife

Novel Name: Si Shao’s Flash Marriage and New Wife – 司少的闪婚鲜妻 Type: Modern Romance Author: Jin Ye Protagonist: Luo Yuanhang Jiang Shiwei The editor brings you the novel “Master Si’s […]

The Price

The PriceAuthor: Leon Newton Description: Millionaire goes to hell and think his paperwork must have been mix up. He thinks a mistake has been made and demands Satan to correct […]

I Can See Your Death (Novel)

I Can See Your Death (Novel) #1, 너의 죽음이 보여 1 [Neoeui Jug-eum-i Boyeo 1] Haeneul Dan, Woomoon (Illustrator), 우문 (Illustrator) Description Eshana Ash has seen the lifespan of a […]

Journey to the West

Journey to the West (西游记) Author: Wu Chengen Genre: Classical Novel Introduction: “Journey to the West” is a classical novel written by Wu Cheng’en in the Ming Dynasty, and it […]

Little Prince

Little Prince Author: [French] Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Genre: Children’s Literature Introduction: The protagonist of The Little Prince is a little prince from an alien planet. The book uses a pilot […]

Rebirth creates a food business myth

Novel: Rebirth creates a food business myth (重生缔造美食商业神话) Type: Modern Romance Author: Nine Needles Qingsong Role: Xu Siying’s father Introduction: Everyone is looking for the book “Rebirth to Create a […]

Quick Pass: Cannon Fodder Counterattack, We Can Win

The novel is called “Quick Pass: Cannon Fodder Counterattack, We Can Win” 《快穿:炮灰逆袭,苟住我们能赢》 It is a novel by Yotsuba. Featured content: Fuxing died at the highlight of life, and the […]

First Sweet Wife: Mr. Huo, you’re wrong!

Novel: First Sweet Wife: Mr. Huo, you’re wrong! (第一甜妻:霍先生,撩错了!) Author: Nan Qian Main characters: Jiang Qingxin, Huo Xu Type: Domineering President Synopsis: [I accidentally picked up the legendary boss, what […]

The Wife of a Powerful Minister

The Wife of a Powerful Minister (权臣贵妻) [Rebirth + Ancient Words + Intrigue + Scumbag] Zhou Ruanyu, as the granddaughter of the imperial grandfather, is a well-known and noble daughter […]

Overdramatic Society

Freedom of expression on controversial or scandalous news makes an online world become a dramatic society, particularly when reporters present ‘useless content’ that deems inappropriate to public perception. In the […]

Save the dust (Yuan Zaju script)

Chinese name: 救风尘 (元杂剧剧本), Saving the Dust Author: Guan Hanqing The full name of “Save Fengchen” is “Zhao Paner Fengyue Save Fengchen ” . Existing editions include: ” Ancient Famous […]