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Category: Manhua

Bewitching Empress so Pampered by Her Tyrant

Synopsis: [Adapted from webnovel ‘The Phoenix who replaced the bride: Tyrant Prince’s Private Doting of the Bewitching Empress’] During her childhood, Liu Rushuang almost lost her life at the combined […]

National School Prince Is A Girl

Synopsis: Fu Jiu appears to be a normal lad in high school on the surface. But in fact, she (Yes! She!) is the hacker, Z, a villain-terminator in the online […]

Please Be Gentle, My Bossy Uncle!

Synopsis: The killer queen has got a chance to live her life again, but two things scare her… One is when master Jue flirts with her. He is so hot […]

To Conquer the World with You

Synopsis: To Conquer the World with You – “Does she know poetry and song? Does she understand music, chess, calligraphy and painting? Does she know how to be a good […]

Stop! My Dumb Wife

Description: Xu Nian, who lost her parents in a fire. She has lost the ability to speak due to a psychological barrier. After being adopted by the Ning family, she thought […]

Heavenly Bride

Description: “I am the one who will be your husband.” Chae-yeon, the princess of the Chae Dynasty, lost her mother, who was the Empress. She has lived in the palace, being […]

Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!

Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!Alternative Name: Boss, Don’T Send Me Back!Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Manhua, Romance, WebtoonsAuthor: N/ARelease: 2020Status: ongoing Description: Boss, don’t send me back!A president gossiped to be a homosexual vs a girl […]

Ark effect

Synopsis: A space-time crack appeared in the space 124 light-years away from the earth. Although it seems to be just an ordinary black hole, the fluctuations in the crack can […]


Synopsis: A spy action movie performed by a female doctor Li Yingzhen and the head of the fully armed regiment Jin Yuanfeng DreamAssociated Names: 异梦Author(s): Wenping leapGenres: manhuaYear: 2020Status: ongoing

A god

Synopsis: My “death” was a conspiracy, and my rebirth was also planned by others. Immortals, demons, demons, and people didn’t want me to survive. Millions of soldiers died for me […]

What Yishengji said~

Synopsis: The human body’s largest immune system-the intestine, is the legendary paradise that bacteria yearn for, a wonderful world where beneficial, harmful, and neutral bacteria live together. Two good friends, […]

Rebirth Of The Earth Immortal Venerable

Synopsis: Chen Mo, a great cultivator of the divine transcendent realm, after dying with his junior sister while on their journey to the sacred land, he is reborn back on […]

Presenting My Sadistic Manager With Stupidity

Synopsis: Presenting My Sadistic Manager With Stupidity Lovers in their past life, enemies in their current life, the stupid girlfriend and the sadistic president fell in love and killed each […]

Xian Zun Luo Wuji

Synopsis: Disciples and brothers betrayed one after another, and a generation of immortals fell. Although the body is dead, the soul is immortal! And with the most precious “Tai Huang […]

Xian Baier up and down!

Synopsis: Use the two cartoon images of Xiandan and the vernacular to draw with a humorous perspective, let everyone relax! Xian Baier up and down!Associated Names: 闲白儿up and down!Author(s): small […]

The Great Tortoiseshell Master

Synopsis: A young man with a stunt, failed to choose to become a cultivator. When he adjusted his mentality and accepted this fact, a few mysterious dice suddenly appeared and […]

Flaming Candle

Synopsis: I don’t know when a cloud like a big mouth appeared in the sky. Since then, there has been a legend that this mouth is the gate to the […]

Empress of the last days

Description: The soul of the top female agent wears the ancient sad girl, in a world where the living dead are rampant, while fighting for survival, while tearing the slut’s foot […]

I licked my opponent X my CP

Description: My opponent, Gu Yiliang, the second-line fresh meat, the face of the idol group, the acting skills of the powerful group; myself, Wei Yanzi, the third-line fresh meat, the face […]