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Category: Manhua

Demon King Butler

Demon King Butler Other names: 魔皇大管家Author: Ye Xiao (Original) Wuer Manga Genre: Martial Arts, ManhuaRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: “The Devil’s Butler” is a webcomic serialized by Ye Xiao (original) Wuer Comics. The comic tells the […]

Love at First Night

Love at First NightAlternative: Love at First Night , 一纸宠婚 , Yī zhǐ chǒng hūn, One piece of loveAuthor(s): SihaiGenres: RomanceYear: 2021Status: ongoing Synopsis: After getting married for a few […]

This Farmhouse is Poisonous

Synopsis: A young entrepreneurial girl who devoted herself to farming was sold to a cult by her girlfriends. After returning from hell to human society, what did she bring back? […]

Man on the mountain

Synopsis: Ye Guanyu, the little owner of the Aquarium Shop in the Flower and Bird Market. Part-time Didi Daguai. In a commission to eliminate demons, he was involved in a […]

Rebirth City Cultivation

Synopsis: Beixuan Xianzun Chen Fan failed to overcome the catastrophe because of his practice too fast. He found himself back to the young age of the earth. Mana, magical powers, […]

Night Talk

Synopsis: Share bizarre and bizarre anecdotes and appreciate the life style of the ancients. Five guests gather around a furnace, and the night talks with illusions. Or praise thunder can […]

Empress Mother

Synopsis: The tyrant Xi Wuji always thought that his pampered queen treated him affectionately, like a delicate little lotus flower. He thought she loved him, but on the day of […]

Doctor Liming

Synopsis: In the old days, the busy streets are now in a deformed silence. Hoarse and frantic weird whispers entangled in the sky, and the indescribable ancient giant shadow floated […]

Biting is wrong

Synopsis: Ah! Do everything bad to become stronger? What is the evil of this system?! I want to be a good person!! Biting is wrongAssociated Names: 咬人是不对的Author(s): Read × sushi […]

Cinder Cocoon Ming Chen

Synopsis: Ji Yudie was betrayed by her girlfriends and abandoned by her beloved in her previous life, her family was shattered and she was reborn on the street. She became […]

My King Wants You

Synopsis: That night, she faded away from the youthfulness of the girl and became his woman, a few handsome princes of the heavenly family, a humble court lady with a […]


Synopsis: Repaint. . I want to finish the story. . There was no time before. Now there is time. . GunanAssociated Names: 古南Author(s): Jen surfaceGenres: manhuaYear: 2021Status: ongoing

Hundreds of Refined Gods

Description: Now as a humble domestic slave, Luo Zheng, the eldest young master in his own family, was imprisoned by powerful forces because of the family’s decline, and had no choice […]

Heaven official’s blessing

Description: Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the crown prince of Jinzhiyuye, the proud son of heaven with infinite beauty. Unexpectedly, after gaining the Dao soaring and becoming the god […]


Description: “The World’s No. 1 Wisdom” Luo Xiao and “the rich and noble son” Yan Ancheng joined hands to explore the rivers and lakes, looking for clues to the legendary “Ziming […]

Accidentally saved the public enemy

Description: The young doctor Lu Jiu who was living peacefully in Taohuawu accidentally rescued a young monk who was covered in blood and seriously injured. Unexpectedly, the other party is actually […]

A sword of frost

Description: Xiao Wang Jiyan occasionally felt cold and bedridden. Yun Yifeng cooks himself, washes rice, chooses vegetables, and stews chicken soup. After a while, His Royal Highness King Xiao rushed to […]

Wanli found the title

Description: After the failure to seize the protagonist, Zhong Wan, who took the young master to the frontier, in order to survive, relied on the friendship between himself and Yu Ziyou […]

Dinghai Floating Record

Description: In the state where all laws return to silence, the demon is about to come. In order to prevent the collapse of China and save the common people, Chen Xing, […]

Bamboo rat and bamboo bear

Synopsis: A bamboo bear and a bamboo rat live in the bamboo forest. Bamboo rats like bamboo bears very much. Bamboo bears don’t like bamboo rats that much. For the […]

Red Queen Effect

Description: American blockbuster film about a group of supermen saving the world-Literary version: In the distant future, the descendants of earthlings rediscover their own glory-Pretending version: “Now, in this world, you […]

I became a scientist’s love experiment

Description: Two Xiaobai who had never been in love were locked in a villa and had a chemical reaction. Bai Duoduo couldn’t believe that he secretly photographed a seminar and was […]

Leisure road

Synopsis: The ordinary “leisure elementary school” turned out to be a school for cultivating immortals, and Tian Wei and his friends have since embarked on the long road of cultivating […]

Spiritual House

Synopsis: Zheng Dao, a student of Diosi, came back from the dead in a murderous house fire, awakened the blood of the heavenly master, and overpowered the evil spirits with […]

Iron Wall NO.37

Synopsis: Tianyu, the most unlucky high school student in history, signed a contract with the most powerful mechanical beast No. 37 in the universe. The demon company that came to […]