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Category: Manhua

The Story of the Ever-Changing Golden Branch Manhua

The Story of the Ever-Changing Golden Branch, 百变金枝戏鲛记 Author(s): ok god cultureArtist(s): overheadGenre(s): Fantasy, Manhua, Romance Introduction: Yu Bei, a Wudi actor, accidentally fell into the sea and fell into the realm […]

Queen’s Harem Manhua

Queen’s Harem, 女帝的后宫, ฮาเร็มของราชินี, Queen Palace Author(s): Morel – antiquityArtist(s): Morel – antiquityGenre(s): Fantasy, Harem, Manhua, Romance Introduction: “Three princesses, three princesses! Your consorts are fighting again!” The domineering female […]

Martial God Asura

Martial God Asura Alternative: Xiuluo Wushen, 修罗武神Author(s): Shan Liang De Mi Feng,善良的小蜜蜂啊Artist(s): Pikapi,Shan Liang De Mi Feng,善良的小蜜蜂啊Genre(s): Action, Action, Adventure, Adventure, Comedy, Comedy, Fantasy, Fantasy, Harem, Harem, Manhua, Manhua, Martial […]

Only My Wounded World Achieves

Only My Wounded World Achieves After being dressed as a vicious female partner, the male protagonists overheard their hearts (穿成恶毒女配后被男主们偷听心声) Cool breeze is intentional (original) + wandering grass studio Manga […]

Thousand-eye carp

Thousand-eye carp (千目鲤) Author: carp ball one Introduction: As a monster that can live forever, Qianmu carp has a desire to leave this world. In the attempts, she is saved […]

In the palm of your hand

In the palm of your hand (掌中之物) Author: Fresh Orange (original) + Jinqiu (lead writer) + Yuetong (screenwriter) Introduction: A sweet woman with a good family, career, and love, accidentally […]

Can’t Hide Secretly

Can’t Hide Secretly (偷偷藏不住) Author: Bamboo has (original) + Juzhi (lead writer) + Guo Xiao (screenwriter) Introduction: That year, Sang Zhi secretly lived with someone and fell in love with […]

Datang: Wushen chat group

Datang: Wushen chat group (大唐:武神聊天群) Author: Peace of Mind (Original) + Slow Painting in Chongqing (Drawing) + Culture of Talking (screenwriter) Introduction: He stepped into Li Jing’s mansion as a […]

Airborne Demon Slayer

Airborne Demon Slayer (空降除妖师) Author: Meow Introduction: It is said that in ancient times, humans and demons coexisted peacefully, and even gave birth to offspring, and such humans would have […]

The Guidance on Black Lotus

The Guidance on Black LotusAlternative: Black Lotus Learning Manual / Black Lotus Study Manual / 黑莲花学习手册Genre(s): Fantasy, Historical, RomanceRelease: 2022 Description: Yu Chu, a top student in the 21 century, […]

My Brothers Dote On Me

My Brothers Dote On MeAlternative Title: 被哥哥们团宠后我野翻了Type: Manhua Description: When she woke up in the rebirth, she became a poor little girl who was sent to a lunatic asylum by […]

I am from the void

I am from the void – 我来自虚空Black Bird Society Introduction: Xu Qian traveled to a world where he could contract spirit beasts, and obtained the identity of a “corrector” during […]

I have a room in Huangquan

I have a room in Huangquan – 我在黄泉有座房Seeing Jiao across the water (original) + Minglun culture Introduction: Ding Xiaoyi’s grandfather passed away and Ding’s family business went bankrupt. Ding Xiaoyi […]

Get Rid of That Bad Girl

Get Rid of That Bad Girl – 除掉那个恶女Haegi (lead author) + Your April (original) Introduction: Dressed as Alicia, the villain in the novel, she was the villain who was executed […]

This island is kinda creepy

This island is kinda creepyOther Name: 这个岛有点妖 Genres: Manhua, fantasyAuthors: gossip cat man Description: A straight man who serializes romance novels, a rebellious girl who lacks fatherly love, and three monsters who […]

After the Identity of the Big Shot was Exposed

After the Identity of the Big Shot was ExposedOther Name: After the Identity of the Big Shot was Exposed Genres: Action, Comedy, School LifeAuthors: N/ARelease: 2022Status: OngoingRelated Show: Description: The strongest legendary king of the […]

You Are My Everything

You Are My EverythingOther Name: You are My Gravitation, เธอเป็นดั่ง แรงดึงดูดของใจฉัน, Nǐ Shì Wǒ De Wàn Yǒu Yǐn Lì You Are My Gravitation You Are My Gravity, 你是我的万有引力 Genres: Romance, ManhuaAuthors: Mo XiaoliChapter: ongoingYear: 2021Related […]

Magic Night’s Mask

Magic Night’s MaskAlternative: 幻夜的假面Author(s): 大神互娱×大神动漫 (great god mutual entertainment x great god animation)Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fiRelease: 2021Status: Ongoing Description: The “servant” of the demon boy group. There are […]

The Fox’s Trap

The Fox’s TrapAlternative: 狐狸的陷阱Author(s): AnjeoGenre(s): Comedy, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School LifeRelease: 2021Status: Ongoing Description: Human girl Chi Yan has a nightmare of a fox every day, and this life […]

Mommy, Where’s My Daddy?

Mommy, Where’s My Daddy? Other names: 萌宝来袭:妈咪我爹地呢?Author: A Ke Wun Hua (阿柯文化) Genre: Novel, romanceRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Ye Xiang Ge is a trainee under Linshan Entertainment. Before she made her official debut, she was […]

What To Do If My Lover Has Superpowers

What To Do If My Lover Has SuperpowersOther names: Author: N/AGenre: Novel, Drama, Magic, Romance, Super powerRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Lu Yue Shan has accidentally acquired the superpower of teleportation, starting her hacked life! Except… […]

Full-time mage

Full-time mage Other names: 全职法师Author: Reading Comics Genre: Adventure and Blood Release: UnknownStatus: 747 Greek Bronze Beast Ongoing Description: The protagonist Mo Fan inherited a magical necklace. Wake up to a big change in the […]

Demon King Butler

Demon King Butler Other names: 魔皇大管家Author: Ye Xiao (Original) Wuer Manga Genre: Martial Arts, ManhuaRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: “The Devil’s Butler” is a webcomic serialized by Ye Xiao (original) Wuer Comics. The comic tells the […]

Love at First Night

Love at First NightAlternative: Love at First Night , 一纸宠婚 , Yī zhǐ chǒng hūn, One piece of loveAuthor(s): SihaiGenres: RomanceYear: 2021Status: ongoing Synopsis: After getting married for a few […]

This Farmhouse is Poisonous

Synopsis: A young entrepreneurial girl who devoted herself to farming was sold to a cult by her girlfriends. After returning from hell to human society, what did she bring back? […]

Man on the mountain

Synopsis: Ye Guanyu, the little owner of the Aquarium Shop in the Flower and Bird Market. Part-time Didi Daguai. In a commission to eliminate demons, he was involved in a […]