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Type of book

Type of book Documentary a nonfiction book is an educational book that Contains content and ideas that are useful to readers The content of non-fiction books includes the fields of […]

Reading different types of books

Choosing a book to read is very necessary. A good reader must be one who knows how to choose a book to read. Get the most out of reading By […]

The Alchemist of Love and Poetry-Yeats’ Poems

The Alchemist of Love and Poetry-Yeats’ PoemsOther Name: 爱与诗的炼金术士——叶芝诗传, The Alchemist of Love and Poetry-Yeats’ Poems Genre: Historical fictionAuthor: Gong XiaohuiYear: 201XChapter: N/ARelated story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Introduction: The leader of the Irish Renaissance […]

I See Yellow Flowers On Green Grass

I See Yellow Flowers On Green GrassOther names: Tôi Thấy Hoa Vàng Trên Cỏ XanhAuthor: Nguyen Nhat AnhGenre: NovelRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: A Vietnamese novel written about a poor childhood in a rural village, […]

Prosperity alone pet green tea emperor step aside

Prosperity alone pet green tea emperor step asideOther names: 盛世独宠绿茶皇上靠边站, The King of Green TeaAuthor: the voice of flowersGenre: Crossing, RomanceRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: “Standing aside the Green Tea Emperor” – The story in the […]

After rebirth, I became a pendant for my four brothers

After rebirth, I became a pendant for my four brothersOther names: 重生后,我成了四个哥哥的挂件Author: Hong Lei Pao Genre: RomanceRelease: 2021Status: Ongoing Description: “After Rebirth, I Become a Pendant for Four Brothers” – Jiang Yingxue crossed into the […]

Three Treasures of One Child: Daddy Comes to the Door

Three Treasures of One Child: Daddy Comes to the DoorOther names: 一胎三宝:爹地找上门Author: October WeiliangGenre: RomanceRelease: 2021Status: OngoingRole: Jiang Jiu and Lu Yebai Description: Since the death of Jiang Jiu’s mother, she has always lived with […]

After the divorce, President Scum chased his wife every day

After the divorce, President Scum chased his wife every dayOther names: 离婚后,渣总每天都在追妻Author: Nan JinjinGenre: Novel, RomanceRelease: 2021Status: Ongoing Description: After the divorce, President Scum Chasing His Wife Every Day – the story is: as the […]

Rebirth of the Queen of the Movies

Rebirth of the Queen of the MoviesOther names: 影后重生商门千金放肆撩Author: Chestnut Condensed MilkGenre: Novel, RomanceRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: “The Queen of the Movie Rebirth of the Shangmen Qianjin Liaoyu” – Starting from the humble running dragon […]

Fast-crossing host A bursts the audience

Fast-crossing host A bursts the audienceOther names: 快穿之宿主A爆全场Author: Youdu GrannyGenre: Crossing, RomanceRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: “Quickly Crossing Host A Bursts the Whole Scene” As a female boss who only has work in her mind, Gentle […]

I’ll invite Madam down the mountain

I’ll invite Madam down the mountain Other names: 我把师娘请下山Author: Random Crash Genre: Martial Arts, Novel Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Madam does not obey women’s way, and master cannot be humane. I will steal my aunt, […]

Taikoo Dragon Elephant Technique

Taikoo Dragon Elephant Technique Other names: 太古龙象诀Author: Mo Ming Qi MiaoGenre: Martial Arts Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Tang Lei, the genius of the Eastern Emperor Realm. He was framed and fallen by the supreme one-“East […]

I’m a chef in the gods

I’m a chef in the gods Other names: 我在神界当厨仙Author: Ou Dafoye Genre: Martial Arts Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: I don’t rely on cultivation to become a fairy! Routine 1: Eat a few blindly, eat, […]

Peerless Lord God

Peerless Lord God Other names: 绝世主神Author: Yunyang Wutian Genre:  Martial Arts Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Shenzhou Continent is a continent respected by martial arts. In this continent, strength represents everything. Strength is fairness, strength […]

Swallow the sky dominate

Swallow the sky dominate Other names: 吞天主宰Author: Just Xiaoxi Mi Genre:  Wuxia Xiuxian Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Emperor Yun was reborn, bringing the tactics of life and good fortune, the first waste person in […]

The Tradition of Quick Crossing Wants to Kill God

The Tradition of Quick Crossing Wants to Kill God Other names: 快穿之统子要弑神Author: Fujitsu Acridine Genre:  Modern Romance, NovelRelease: UnknownStatus: OngoingRoles: Lu Yu, Zhang Gupu Description: 1v1 Double PowerYue Siyan was cursed by God…God made […]

The Hot-Blooded God of Wealth

The Hot-Blooded God of Wealth Other names: 热血财神Author:  Picking Peaches Genre:  City-Brain Hole , Novel, ActionRelease: UnknownStatus: OngoingRoles: Chen Youcai, Zhou Xiaoqi Description: 17 years ago, Beixuan Xianzun Chen Beixuan and his wife […]

Tuan Chong Xiaofu Wife: I Raise Three Treasures, Farming and Getting Rich

Tuan Chong Xiaofu Wife: I Raise Three Treasures, Farming and Getting Rich Other names: 团宠小福妻:我养三宝种田致富Author: Qian ChangzhouGenre: Novel, RomanceRelease: UnknownStatus: OngoingRole: Song Mingyue, Song Mu Description: Introduction: (Farming + Relaxing + Mengbao) Song Mingyue made […]

Blockchain X Bitcoin Insight 1

Blockchain X Bitcoin Insight 1Other names: Author: Coinplug CEO Junseon Eo interviewGenre: IT businessRelease: 2018.01.05Status: Ongoing Description: Bitcoin is just the beginning A collection of interviews with CEO Junseon Eo of Coinplug, a first-generation block […]


Doomed Other names: 算死命Author: Nine Pins One GameGenre: Novel, Sci-Fi Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: When I was born, I drank wolf milk for a few days. I treated this wolf as a mother. I thought […]

Touching the golden celestial master

Touching the golden celestial master Other names: 摸金天师Author: Fengchen SanrenGenre: Novel, Science Fiction Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: An antique pushed me on a desperate road, and from then on, in order to survive, I became […]

Fei Niu has room: I was selling lo-mei in ancient times

Fei Niu has room: I was selling lo-mei in ancient times Other names: 肥妞有空间:我在古代卖卤味Author: Temporary Mark Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Lin Yiyi was about to retire a second ago. The villas […]

Thousand Faces Little Jiao Niang

Thousand Faces Little Jiao NiangOther names: 千面小娇娘Author: Mien Genre: Novel, RomanceRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: No matter how many faces she changed, the figure already imprinted in her heart, he would never admit it wrong. As […]

Jiao Niang is full of money

Jiao Niang is full of moneyOther names: 娇娘钱满窝Author: Dill Genre: Novel, RomanceRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: It is said that marriage is destined, he who suffers from face blindness to women, She alone recognizes her with […]