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Category: Book Clubs

Zhe Yao Manhua

Zhe YaoAlternative Names: Bow Down / Zhé Yāo / 折腰 / Shallow Kiss and Deep LoveAuthor(s): 九川动漫 / Jiuchuan AnimationArtist(s): 九川动漫Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Josei, RomanceYear: 2023Original Webcomic: AC.QQ, KuaiKan, ManmanAPPCategories: […]

The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet Manhua

The Top Couple Is a Bit SweetAlternative Name: ραѕαηgαη ѕєℓєвяιтι тєякєηαℓ уαηg яσмαηтιѕ ⪨Delly⪩ / 顶流夫妇有点甜 / The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet / The Superstar Married Couple Is […]

After rebirth, she forcibly spoiled the paranoid Ji Ye Novel

Title: After rebirth, she forcibly spoiled the paranoid Ji Ye; 重生后,她强宠了偏执季爷Author: Hao AnyiCategory: Modern RebirthStatus: FinishedAuthorization: signing Introduction After rebirth, she forcibly spoiled the paranoid Ji Ye: In the previous […]

With Phoenix Novel

Title: with phoenix, 与凤行, The Legend of Shen Li (与凤行)Author: Jiulu FeixiangGenre: Fairy novel, Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy Introduction: The ancient god died, and there is only the last god […]

Chasing The Wave Manhua

Chasing The WaveAlternative: 逐浪, Chasing TidesAuthor(s): Yu ChengStatus: OngoingGenres: Comedy, Romance Description: A mature and reliable Leader x A pure and frivolous Bubbly guySui Yi claims that Ning Lan hasn’t […]

Writer Sung’s Life Manhwa

Writer Sung’s LifeAssociated Names: 성스러운 작가생활Origination: ManhwaDemographic:Published: 2023Artists: JooyaAuthors: Writer LeeGenres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Slice of Life, Long Strip, Web Comic, Official Colored, Office Workers Description: Hayoon, a once popular […]

Love Hawk Manhwa

Love HawkAssociated Names: 사랑의 매Origination: ManhwaDemographic: JoseiPublished: 2023Artists: kinlipAuthors: 정이채Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Long Strip, Full Color, Reincarnation Description: After suddenly dying at the age of 17, Emily opens her […]

Alice’s Awakening (Harlequin Bunko)

Title: Alice’s Awakening (Harlequin Bunko) / アリスのめざめ (ハーレクイン文庫)Author: Violet Winspear Introduction: She told him that she wanted to break off the engagement on my behalf–begged by her sister to do […]

The Lady Needs a Break Manhwa

The Lady Needs a BreakAlternative Names: 쉬고 싶은 레이디 / 公女様は休みたい / 淑女想休息 / 千金小姐想休息 / Lady Wants to Rest / La Lady veut se reposerAuthors: Yuin / SomddamArtists: CmjGenres: […]

I Just Want To Mooch Off Your Luck Manhua

I Just Want To Mooch Off Your LuckAlternative: I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck / 我就想蹭你的气运Author(s): 林打歪Artist(s): 林打歪Genre(s): Adaptation, Drama, Fantasy, Full color, Manhua, Reincarnation, Romance, School Life, […]

Naisho no Kawai Ko-chan Manga

Naisho no Kawai Ko-chanAlternative Name: 内緒のかわい子ちゃんOrigination: MangaDemographic: ShoujoPublished: 2023Artists: KOSAKA NatsukiAuthors: KOSAKA NatsukiGenres: Romance, School Life Description: Kana is a lovely girl who loves cute things. However, everyone calls her […]

Isekai Walking Manga

Isekai Walking Alternative : Walking in Another World , 異世界ウォーキング Author(s) : Aruku Hito – Ogawa Kei – 小川慧Status : OngoingGenres : Adventure – Fantasy – Shounen – Isekai Description […]

Madam slaps her face online every day Novel

Madam slaps her face online every day (夫人每天都在线打脸) By Southern Love Gu Mang kicked the motorcycle’s kickstand, kicked the accelerator, and the motorcycle roared onto the road. When passing by […]

Top Couples Are A Little Sweet Novel

Top Couples Are A Little Sweet Title: The top couple is a bit sweet, 顶流夫妇有点甜 Author: Mr. Pattern Category: Other Novels Description: Some hot topic: “Why do Wen Li and Song […]

Betrayal of Dignity Manhua

Betrayal of Dignity ManhuaAlternative Name: Betrayal of Dignity , Pengkhianatan Martabat , 품위의 배신 , 尊厳の裏切り , خيانة الكرامة , 尊严的背叛 , गरिमा का विश्वासघात , Trahison de la dignité […]

Jenny In the Pot Manga

Jenny In the PotOrigination: EnglishDemographic:Published: 2023Artists: ghostmayaAuthors: ghostmayaGenres: Webcomic, Side story, Manga Description: Jenny is a genie that will grants your wish~

Janice Manhwa

JaniceAlternative: 제니스 / ZenithAuthor(s): N/AGenre(s): Comedy, Fantasy, RomanceType: N/ARelease: 2022 Summary: Top Agent Janice, abandoned by the organization, I thought I would finally die peacefully Became the Count’s beloved daughter! […]

The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Manhwa

The Chaebeol’s Youngest SonAlternative: Reborn Rich, The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate, The Youngest Son of Sunyang, 재벌집 막내아들Author(s): Naver SeriesArtist(s): Naver SeriesGenre(s): Action, Action, Drama, Drama, Manhwa, Manhwa, ShounenRelease: […]

I’m Trapped In This Day For One Thousand Years Manhwa

I’m Trapped In This Day For One Thousand YearsAlternative: I’m Trapped In This Day For One Thousand YearsAuthor(s): UpdatingGenre(s): Action, Action, Adventure, Adventure, Fantasy, FantasyType: Manhwa Release: 2022Status: Ongoing SUMMARY […]

Nagisa Shokudou Manga

Nagisa Shokudou MangaAlternative: なぎさ食堂 ; Nagisa CafeteriaAuthor(s): Fujisawa kamiyaArtist(s): Fujisawa kamiya ; Nagisa shokudou 9Genre(s): Seinen, Slice of lifeType: Japanese Manga Release: 2013Status: Ongoing Summary This 4-koma tells the story […]

Overgeared (Team Argo) Manhwa

Overgeared (Team Argo) ManhwaAlternative: 템빨Author(s): Dong wook leeArtist(s): Overgeared (team argo) 22; Team argoGenre(s): Shounen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, WebtoonType: Korean ManhwaStatus: Ongoing Summary Young Woo Shin, Username: Grid. In the […]

Peerless General Novel

Peerless General (绝世小将军) Author: Anonymous Introduction: When Chen Xin woke up, he found that he had traveled through and became the only son of the great general of Chu Shangguo […]

16-sai Kiss Manga

16-sai Kiss Alternative: 16 Sai Kiss – Night Sky Kiss / 16 Year Old Kiss / 16-sai Kissu / 16sai Kiss / 16歳 KISS / First Kiss (Indonesia) / Kiss […]