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Category: USA Anime

Futurama Season 7

Futurama Season 7 (Anime)Other Name: 飛出個未來第七季 飛出個未來, 飛出個未來 第七季, Fly out of the future Season 7 Genres: AnimeEpisodes: 26Country:  United StatesProducers: Matt GroeningNetwork: –Released: 2010Related Show:  Synopsis:This cartoon was produced by the production team […]

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon (Anime)Other Name: 馴龍高手, How to Train Your Dragon (馴龍高手) Genres: Anime, Family, FantasyEpisodes: 1Country: Europe and AmericaProducers: Chris SandersNetwork: –Released: 2010Related Show:  Synopsis:The young Hiccup of the Virgin Islands […]

Over the Hedge

Outside the fence (Anime)Other Name: 籬笆牆外, แก๊งค์สี่ขา ข้ามป่ามาป่วนเมือง Genres: AnimeEpisodes: UnknownCountry: JapanDirector: Tim Johnson, Kerry KirkpatrickNetwork: N/AReleased: 2006Related Show:  Synopsis:One early spring morning, the little civet cat RJ ran to Daxiong’s house and wiped out […]