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Category: Anime

Devilman: Tanjou-Hen OVA (Anime)

Devilman: Tanjou-HenOther Name: Devilman: The Birth / デビルマン 誕生編 Genres: Sci-Fi , Supernatural , Demons , HorrorCountry: JapanDirector:Writer:Episodes: 1Released: OVARelated Show: Devilman (2004), Mazinger Z vs. Devilman (1973) Plot Summary:Akira […]

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice (Anime)

Mr Love: Queen’s ChoiceOther Name: Mr Love: Queen’s Choice / 恋与制作人 / Liàn yǔ zhìzuò rén / literally: Love and Producer / Love and Producer ~EVOL×LOVE~ / 恋とプロデューサー ~EVOL×LOVE~ / […]

Turn a Lanling King Season 2

Turn a Lanling King Season 2Other Name: 拐个兰陵王做影帝第二季 Genres: Love, Story, AnimeCountry: ChinaDirector:Writer:Episodes: 20Released: 2019Related Show: Plot Summary:The love and hatred between the heroine behind the film and the hero […]

Phantom in the Twilight (Anime)

Phantom in the TwilightOther Name: ファントム イン ザ トワイライト/ Hepburn: Fantomu in za Towairaito Genres: AnimeCountry: JapanDirector: Kunihiro MoriWriter: Haruta Mayuzumi, Fumiaki MarutoEpisodes: 12Released: July 9, 2018Related Show: Plot Summary:Cafe […]

The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Anime)

Xian Wang De Ri Chang Sheng Huo Other Name: Xian Wang De Ri Chang Sheng Huo / ชีวิตประจำวันของราชาแห่งเซียน Genres: anime, AdventureCountry: ChinaDirector:Writer:Episodes: 15Released: 2020Related Show: Plot Summary:As a cultivation genius […]

A Certain Scientific Railgun T (Anime)

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T Other Name: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T / เรลกัน แฟ้มลับคดีวิทยาศาสตร์ / とある科学の超電磁砲[レールガン]T / Toaru Kagaku no Railgun 3 / Toaru Kagaku no Choudenjihou 3 / […]

9 Songs of the Moving Heavens (Anime)

Nine Songs of the Moving HeavensOther Name: 天行九歌 / tiān xíng jiǔ gē / 9 Songs of the Moving Heavens / เก้าบทเพลงพลิกสวรรค์ Genres: anime, warCountry: China MainlandDirector: Robin ShenWriter: Robin […]

Haikyuu!! (Anime)

Haikyuu!!Other Name: Haikyuu!! / ハイキュー!! / Haikyū!! / 排球 Genres: Shounen, Sports, School Club, School Life, TournamentsCountry: JapanDirector: Susumu MitsunakaWriter: Taku KishimotoEpisodes: 25Released: Spring 2014Related Show: Plot Summary:Shoyo Hinata isn’t […]

Zatch Bell! (Anime)

Zatch Bell!Other Name: 金色のガッシュ!! / Konjiki no Gasshu!! Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, DemonsCountry: JapanDirector: Tetsuji NakamuraWriter: Akatsuki YamatoyaEpisodes: 150 Released: 2003 – 2006Related Show: Plot Summary:Takamine Kiyomaro is a […]

Black Clover (Anime)

Black Clover (Anime)Other Name: Black Clover Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Childhood, MagicCountry: JapanDirector:Writer:Episodes: 128+Released: Fall 2017 Plot Summary:In a world where magic is everything, Asta and Yuno are both […]

BanG Dream! 3rd Season (Anime)

BanG Dream! 3rd SeasonOther Name: Genres: School, Idols, Music School, Life Country: JapanDirector:Writer:Episodes: 11Released: Winter 2020 Plot Summary:Now that Kasumi and the rest of Poppin’Party are taking charge of their […]

I’m still a little girl’s season 1 (Anime)

I’m still a little girl’s season 1Other Name: 我还小 第1季 小娇妻的闪婚之路 Genre: love, dramaCountry: China MainlandNetwork: IqiyiDate: 2019Related story: Summary:MG hated women since he was a child, and Grandpa arranged […]

Don’t Touch My Cheese Season 1 (Anime)

Don’t Touch My Cheese Season 1Other Name: 喂!别动我的奶酪 第1季 为你而来更 Genre: anime, dramaCountry: China MainlandNetwork: IqiyiDate: 2019Related story: Summary:The delicate and wayward rich Qian Qianbai Xi once thought that only […]

Four Sea Whales Ride Season 2 (Anime)

Four Sea Whales Ride Season 2Other Name: 四海鲸骑 第2季 Genre: Fantasy, adventure, epic, conspiracyCountry: ChinaNetwork: IQIYIDate: October 24, 2019Related story: Summary:In order to save Qili, Jianwen and others decided to […]