All Time Knows

All Time Knows (Novel)Other Name:  Genre: novelAuthor: with Hou beadsYear: 2017Chapter: 90Related story: Synopsis:The hidden love, time knows. At the age of 31, when Jane went to visit her husband Ye Jiacheng’s plane, he […]

Spiritual Realm Season 5

Spiritual Realm Season 5 (Anime)Other Name: 灵域第五季 Genres: AnimeEpisodes: 12 episodesCountry: ChinaDirector: Wang XinNetwork: N/AReleased: 2017Related Show:  Synopsis:The young Qin Lie and his companions frustrated the young talents of all forces in the secret realm. […]

Warm Marriage and Wrong Love Chapter 4

The beating sister also set her eyes on her. After the man saw her face clearly, the woman’s eyes flashed with dissatisfaction and pungentness: “You are the one that Miss […]

Warm Marriage and Wrong Love Chapter 3

She was formally arrested that day, and the next day, under Su Wan’s strong relationship, the trial began. Jiang Baichuan and Su Wan, who were sitting on the plaintiff’s bench, […]

Warm Marriage and Wrong Love Chapter 2

The moment the door was closed, the comprehension text hiding behind the door laughed at Jiang Baichuan and said, “The young master has good physical strength, and he has done […]

Warm Marriage and Wrong Love

Warm marriage and wrong love (Novel)Other Name: 暖婚错爱:总裁,放过我 Genre: novel, serialAuthor: Jun Shi.Year: 2017Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:Tang Yuxi, Jiang Baichuan, has been waiting for Jiang Baichuan to die all the […]

Innocent President’s Innocent Wife

The Pure Wife of the Belly Black President (Novel)Other Name: 腹黑总裁的纯情妻 Genre: novel, serialAuthor: Shu YayaYear: 2017Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:he was considered bad intentions until she disappeared after she took […]

Little Valentine (2017) 小情人

Little ValentineOther Title: 小情人 / Xiao Qing Ren Genre: Family, comedy, dramaEpisodes: 40Country: ChinaDirector: Liu Xin (刘新)Writer:  Wang Yi (王伊)Network: Shenzhen TVRelease Date: May 29, 2017Related Show:  Cast: Hu Jun as Dan Zi Fei Gina Jin as Dan […]

1-1=0(NOTHING WITHOUT YOU) by Wanna One (Album)

1-1=0(NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)Artist: Wanna OneAlbum: 1-1=0(NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)Genre: Dance-pop, Ballad, EDM, R&BCountry: South KoreaYear: 2017.11.13 Music Lists and Lyrics: Nothing Without You [Intro.] Beautiful [Title Song] 갖고 싶어 (Wanna/I wanna […]

A Gallant Army

A Gallant ArmyOther Title: 老虎队 / Lao Hu Dui Genres: drama, periodEpisodes: 45Country: ChinaDirector: Chen JianWriter: Luo YeNetwork: CCTVRelease Date: March 31, 2019Related Show: Cast: Li Jian Wang Ke Wang Xin Jun Han Zhen Yu Zhang Zi Jun […]

Dorsett husband is too fanatical

Dorsett husband is too fanaticalOther Name: 帝豪老公太狂热 Genres: manhua, romanceAuthors: N/AChapter: ongoingYear: 2017Related Show: Description:Cheng Yinuo always thought that she married a gay who likes men, and she is still a little white face who […]