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Snow Eagle Lord (2023) 雪鹰领主

Snow Eagle Lord (2023)
Other names: 雪鹰领主, Lord Snow Eagle, Lord Snow Eagle , Dongbo Xueying Land , Xue Ying Ling Zhu , 雪鷹領主
Country: China Mainland
Genre: TV Drama, Love
Episodes: 40 Episodes
Director: Li Dachao
Screenwriter: N/A
Starring: Xu Kai Guli Nazha Bai Shu Lu Tingyu Song Xinran Liu Zirui Zheng Kai Shi Yufei »More

Plot Introduction: Lord Snow Eagle

Adapted from the super IP of the same name that I eat tomatoes, the oriental magic-themed large-scale TV series “Snow Eagle Lord” is produced by Shanghai Siba Film and Television Co., Ltd. It tells the legendary story of Dongbo Xueying, his wife Yu Jingqiu and others overcoming obstacles in a foreign land, experiencing “extraordinary”, and constantly achieving supreme achievements.

Among them, the story of the large-scale TV series “Snow Eagle Lord” with oriental magic theme originated from an inconspicuous aristocratic territory “Snow Eagle Territory”. , a legendary story of continuous achievement.

Magnificent world view, original level element setting, and otherworldly plot construction, “Snow Eagle Lord” adapted from the top Internet texts ranked at the top of China’s IP value list will be an unprecedented fantasy masterpiece, a popular member of SNH48 The beautiful performance of starring in costume dramas is also quite worth looking forward to.

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