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Lost You Forever (2023) 长相思

Lost You Forever (2023)
Other name: sauvignon blanc , 长相思
Country: China Mainland
Genre: TV Drama, Myth and Magic
Episodes: 40 Episodes in total
Director: N/A
Screenwriter: Tong Hua
Starring: Yang Zi, Zhang Wanyi, Deng Wei, Dai Luwa, Wang Hongyi, Jian Ci »More

Plot Introduction: Sauvignon Blanc

In ancient times, Huangdi’s daughter Xuanyuan Wangji fostered her daughter Gao Xin Jiuyao with the Queen Mother of Yushan and died in the battle between Xuanyuan Huangdi and Shennong Chiyou. Jiuyao couldn’t wait for her mother to pick her up, and she misunderstood her father again.

Jiuyao escaped from Yushan, experienced all kinds of hardships, and finally disguised herself as a man and became a little doctor. Jiuyao is smart, kind, outspoken and cute, and accidentally rescues Tu Shanjing who was murdered by her elder brother. Jing feels humble and loves Jiuyao silently. Nine-headed demon Xiang Liu accidentally discovered that Jiuyao could help him heal his wounds, so he snatched Jiuyao away many times, and gradually fell in love with her.

Jiuyao’s cousin Zhuanxu finally found her and brought her back to her father Jundi, solving the misunderstanding of the year. Jiuyao risked her life to help Zhuanxu regain Xuanyuan’s throne. In the face of Tu Shanjing and Xiangliu’s completely different true love, she resolutely chose the great love of the country and fulfilled her mother’s last wish of revitalizing the country. Xiangliu died to save Jiuyao, and Jiuyao was sad, and retired with Jing.

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