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Back From the Brink 护心 Episode 1 Recap

The wind and snow could not stop the joy of the millennium Linglong Tianyao (played by Hou Minghao), because today is the day of his wedding with his beloved Suying, the master of the Guanghan Sect, just when he was full of joy and wanted to kiss Suying. The sharp sword pierced his body, and Su Ying’s eyes showed a fierce light, accusing Tian Yao of being a demon dragon.

At the same time, he wanted to snatch his protective heart scale and give it to her sweetheart. Tian Yao was heartbroken after being betrayed, and he sacrificed all his strength Fighting with Suying, but because of serious injuries, it was difficult to resist Suying’s fierce attack. Tianyao didn’t want Suying to succeed.

He combined the protective heart scale pill and threw it into the air. Suying wanted to go forward to snatch it. But was blocked by Tianyao’s transformation into a dragon body, and in the end Suying did not get Tianyao’s protective heart scales. In a fit of anger, Suying dismembered Tianyao in the north and south of the river, sealing him for eternal life.

On the other side, the poor Yanhui (Zhou Ye) had a broken heart and mouth just after she was born. Her mother heard that this river can give people a new life, so she exiled her in the river with tears in her eyes, hoping that she could continue her life and be as healthy as a wild goose. Come back one day.

Yanhui’s life should not be terminated, the protective heart scales thrown away by Tianyao just fell into Yanhui’s body, making her alive, but she lived a lonely life since she was a child, until one day she was taken away by Ling Xiao, an immortal from Chenxing Mountain. Back to the mountains to raise her, she was ten years old that year, and she had a normal life. Ling Xiao became her master, taking care of her growth like a father.

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