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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 38 Recap

The concubine tries to stop Dimian from opening the path of compassion, but is noticed by the demon god, who intends to absorb her magic power, and is rescued by Zhaoyou who rushes over at a critical moment. The Dao of Tongbei is opened, and the demon god absorbs the magic power of the entire wasteland. Zhaoyou takes action to deal with Dimian, and finds that Dimian has been completely controlled by the demon god at this time. The shot was blocked, and both of them were severely injured.

Because of this, Zhaoyou’s demonic energy backfired, and the demon god temporarily disappeared. Without the demon god connected to it, Tong Beidao was unable to exert its maximum power. Zhaoyou discovered the problem. Li Susu finally found the entrance to the Demon Palace. When Di Mian saw his daughter Li Susu, he said that he had never hurt her. Now that he has opened his path of compassion, as long as he sacrifices enough sorrow and hatred, he can become the only one in the world. god.

But because of Di Mian killed her father Qu Xuanzi, Li Susu hated him to the bone. She tried to kill Di Mian, but she couldn’t hurt Di Mian at all. Seeing his daughter treating him like this, Di Mian desperately wanted to kill Li Susu, but he didn’t want Cang Jiumin to come to stop him. Di Mian used the Zhantian Sword to deal with Cang Jiumin, but he didn’t want the Zhantian Sword to be easily captured by Cang Jiumin, and he eventually died under the Zhantian Sword.

Di Mian died, and Cang Jiumin absorbed the evil bone in Di Mian’s body. Li Susu saw Cang Jiumin absorb the evil bone and transform into a demon god, and heard Gongye Jiwu who rushed to tell her that Cang Jiumin had killed him. Zhao You, this made her unbelievable. Li Susu asked whether the person in front of him was Tantai Jin or the demon god, but he didn’t want the demon god to take out and destroy the soul-eating nail that Li Susu had driven into his body, and said that all the past with Li Susu was like this.

Gongye Jiwu took Li Susu out of the magic palace with the immortal method, and told her that Tantai Jin could not be trusted, and hoped that she could understand that Tantai Jin is already a ruthless demon god who killed teachers. It turns out that before this, Zhaoyou rescued his apprentice from the demon formation. Zhaoyou believed that anyone in the world would steal the evil bone, but it would never be his apprentice Cang Jiumin.

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