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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 30 Recap

Thousands of years ago, the demon god fell, and the demon tribe had no leader, causing chaos everywhere. Master Zhaoyou, head of the Xiaoyao Sect, brought his disciples to the wild abyss to kill the demons; Seal it to prevent the monster from escaping. And the monsters in the four continents went mad at the same time must have been inspired, and Xianmen didn’t know that it was Si Ying and Jing Mie who were uniting with all the monsters to find the devil fetus and revive the demon clan.

The Yiyue tribe lost the magic fetus, and the demon clan tried hard to find the magic fetus for five hundred years but failed. However, the former demon god left three magic tools to guide them in finding the magic fetus. Si Ying decided to go to Yunchang Pavilion to find the heart of the demon god to wash the marrow. The clues of the seal, and as long as they find the pulp washing seal, they will definitely be able to guide them to find the magic fetus.

There was a change in Tianchi of Hengyang Zong, Qu Xuanzi took his disciples to check. Li Susu successfully cut off the fate of Tantai Jin five hundred years ago, and now he has returned. But five hundred years later, Qu Xuanzi and others only thought that Li Susu had retreated for ten years, and now he just came back after a catastrophe.

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