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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 29 Recap

Ye Qingyu thought that what Tantai Jin gave was not what her sister Ye Xiwu wanted, and what Ye Xiwu wanted would never be fulfilled, Ye Xiwu only wanted to leave Tantai Jin, Ye Qingyu begged Tantai Jin to let Ye Xiwu Fog decent away. If Tantai Jin wanted Ye Xiwu to hope that before he died, he would never see him again, and he would be even more devastated. He only wanted to be good to Ye Xiwu, and never wanted to hurt her. Ye Qingyu made Tantai Jin realize the fact that Ye Xiwu was dead, so that he could take care of himself.

Ye Qingyu left the palace, twenty white feathers chased him out of the palace, hoping he could persuade Tantai Jin, but Ye Qingyu said that he also envied Tantai Jin, and he also wanted to cherish the memory of his lover and relatives desperately, but too many generals died in the war And the common people, Jingguo is now in dire straits, and urgently needs someone to revive the court. Tantai Jin was indulging in grief, but he didn’t want to see his father, brother, sister, and Pianran die in vain, he wanted to take this responsibility.

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