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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 27 Recap

Pianran and Ye Qingyu felt that the dungeon was more timely, otherwise Ye Xiwu’s life and death would be close. Tantai Jin was very frightened when he learned about it. He believed that Ye Xiwu’s life was his own, and Ye Xiwu was not allowed to die without his permission. .

Pang Yizhi came to see Tantai Jin, and wanted to give Tantai Jin a hexagram in exchange for something. From the hexagram, Pang Yizhi saw that Tantai Jin would lose his love in this life, regret all his life, recover to no avail, and be trapped in the netherworld forever. There are still two points of vitality in the hexagram, one is thunder, and the other is water, but he cannot answer the specific cause and effect because he is not good at learning. Pang Yizhi wished to exchange the thunder magic weapon for a bottle of heart blood from Tantai Jin.

The thunder magic weapon is twin yin and yang bracelets, and the yin and yang twin bracelets are worn by two people. As long as the owner of the yang bracelet does not die, the owner of the yin bracelet will not die.

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