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Desire Catcher (2023) 无眠之境

Desire Catcher (2023)
Other name: Sleepless , 无眠之境
Country: China Mainland
Genre: TV Drama, Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 24 Episodes
Director: Wang Taotao
Screenwriter: Sun Haoyang
Starring: Zheng Yecheng Xin Yunlai Wang Jiayu Yang Lin He Yuhe Xiao En Hu Wenzhe Zhang Fan »More

Plot Introduction: Sleepless Land

Regarding the fight between good and evil between hypnotists, the fate of all ordinary people is involved in it. The instant hypnotism that can be performed on the street can make passersby give all their money in a daze, a little deeper.

The hypnosis can make people obediently go to the bank to withdraw all their deposits. If they catch up with an evil hypnotist, the hypnotized person will not only let him drive him, but even if he takes his life, he will complete the goal.

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