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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 22 Recap

Because of Tantai Jin’s misunderstanding, there is only one soul-destroying nail left. Ye Xiwu had no choice but to come to see Tantai Jin to continue her plan in order to destroy the Demon God, but she was turned away by Tantai Jin. Seeing Ye Bingshang by Tantai Jin’s side, Ye Xiwu wondered when the elder sister got acquainted with Tantai Jin.

Pianran sees the distraught Ye Xiwu, and thinks that Ye Xiwu has fallen in love with Tantai Jin. Although Ye Xiwu has not admitted that she likes Tantai Jin, she cares about Tantai Jin’s attitude in her heart. Ye Bingshang betrayed Xiao Lin, although he hesitated in his heart, he insisted on accompanying Tantai Jin to win his favor. Ye Bingshang, awakened by the nightmare, saw Tantai Jin falling asleep with a fever, and wanted to take the opportunity to kill him, but Erbai Yu came, so she had to give up her plan.

Ye Qingyu came to thank Pianran because of the wound medicine. Pianran saw Ye Qingyu’s affection for her, but directly stated that she was not a good match for Ye Qingyu. A lifetime wasted on one person.

Ye Xiwu saw Tantai Jin bring Ye Bingshang back to the country, but faced her indifferently, she was aggrieved and wept, but fortunately, Pianran was there to comfort her. Ye Bingshang saw that Tantai Jin cared about Ye Xiwu, so he deliberately talked about the past, and said that he would always be with Tantai Jin in the future. Facing Ye Bingshang’s overtures, Tantai Jin didn’t care.

On the way back to rest, Ye Bingshang took the initiative to find Ye Xiwu, and said that Tantai Jin liked her back then, but these years she couldn’t get it because of Xiao Lin’s begging, and now she can only rely on Tantai Jin if she wants to live, she doesn’t want Ye Xi Wu snatched Tantai Jin from her hand. Ye Xiwu said that she would not take Tantai Jin away, because she didn’t like Tantai Jin.

Tantai Minglang successfully trained more than 4,000 puppet troops, but he knew that these puppet troops could not fight against Tantai Jin, so he asked the warlock to figure out a way to deal with Tantai Jin within a month, otherwise he would bear the consequences. In Tantai Jin’s dream, she dreamed that Ye Xiwu no longer liked herself and wanted to like others, and Tantai Jin woke up from the dream in panic.

Seeing Ye Bingshang by his side, Tantai Jin asked Ye Bingshang how happy he was by his side. Ye Bingshang’s answer let Tantai Jin know that she was lying, and that Ye Bingshang was by her side to seek protection. Ye Bingshang thinks how despicably Ye Xiwu treated Tantai Jin back then, and she is also pitied by Tantai Jin now, and she does not distinguish between high and low in order to survive, but Tantai Jin thinks that Ye Bingshang is no match for Ye Xiwu Ye Bingshang hated Tantai Jin for humiliating herself so much.

Because Ye Bingshang was conferred the title of Mrs. Xuancheng, Ye Xiwu planned to return to Yefu for a while. Tantai Jin didn’t wait until Ye Xiwu came to find him, he came to Ye Xiwu’s dormitory to find her. At this moment, Ye Xiwu went back to the dormitory to pack her luggage and prepare to go back to Ye Mansion, and took away the meteorite that Tantai Jin had given her. After Ye Xiwu left, Tantai Jin discovered the letter Ye Xiwu had written to him. From the letter, he could see how much Ye Xiwu cared about and missed him.

Tantai Jin wanted to chase Ye Xiwu back, but saw Ye Xiwu throw the meteorite into the lake. Ye Xiwu’s grandmother learned that Ye Qingyu was going back to the city today, and asked Ye Xiwu to give Ye Qingyu the clothes and food she had prepared.

Ye Xiwu gave Ye Qingyu the things prepared by her grandmother, and Ye Qingyu also asked Ye Xiwu to bring back the collection of books she brought back from Shengdu to Yefu. Ye Xiwu was curious about why Ye Qingyu went to Shengdu, and learned from Ye Qingyu that the bones of Tantai Jin’s mother had been stolen by King Sheng, and that Ye Qingyu brought the warlock to Sheng to help Tantai Jin save her mother’s soul.

Ye Xiwu learned that she had misunderstood Tantai Jin, and hurried to the palace. She wanted to fish out the meteorite from the lake, but to her disappointment, she did not find the meteorite. Ye Xiwu started to apologize when she saw Tantai Jin in the imperial mausoleum, and also said that she had wrongly blamed Tantai Jin because of her prejudice, and at the same time promised that she would not be afraid or loathe Tantai Jin in the future.

Ye Xiwu asked Tantai Jin if he liked his elder sister Ye Bingshang? Tan Taijin said that the reason why he brought Ye Bingshang back was because she was Ye Xiwu’s sister, and he used to imitate Xiao Lin to make others think that he liked Ye Bingshang. But when he met Ye Xiwu, he realized that the person he liked was Ye Xiwu. Tantai Jin expressed that he was willing to try to be a good person, and hoped that Ye Xiwu would not leave him, and Ye Xiwu naturally agreed.

Ye Xiwu got back the Meteor Iron from Tantai Jin, which made her very happy. Tantai Jin told Ye Xiwu the secret in his heart. Whenever his life was in danger, he would always hear a cold and ruthless voice in his dreams. Ye Xiwu knew that it was the voice of a demon god, and said that he would accompany Tantai Jin in the future. .

Pianran came to seduce Ye Qingyu while she was drunk, but Ye Qingyu was unmoved at all. Ye Qingyu said that since the day Pianran saved him, his heart for Pianran has never changed. But Pianran told Ye Qingyu that she once married Jiang Rao and gave her love as a gift. Jiang Rao died tragically on the battlefield, and her love was also lost. And she saved Ye Qingyu because Ye Qingyu looked like Jiang Rao, Ye Qingyu didn’t want to have a momentary pleasure with Pianran, what he wanted was day and night. Pianran didn’t want to accompany her, so Ye Qingyu kissed Pianran in desperation, and the two spent a good night together.

The next day, Pianran woke up and went to the palace to look for Tantai Jin, hoping to find the secret medicine and antidote to return to freedom, but Tantai Jin said that Pianran’s antidote had been begged by Ye Qingyu early in the morning. Being able to ask Ye Qingyu for it made Pianran very annoyed.

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