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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 21 Recap

Pianran asked Ye Xiwu, who came to the barracks, to visit Tantai Jin quietly, and then secretly arranged for someone to send her back to Jingguo. Ye Xiwu hid aside to visit Tantai Jin, and saw that his injuries were not serious, but the crow that appeared at this time made her frightened, completely revealing her whereabouts.

Tantai Jin found Ye Xiwu by the river, he happily hugged Ye Xiwu who had reunited after a long absence, and then took Ye Xiwu back to the camp to wash, and personally smeared her foot injuries from the long journey. Ye Xiwu looked at Tantai Jin who was taking care of her, and unconsciously her heart moved.

King Sheng couldn’t wait for Tantai Minglang to train the demon soldiers. Fu Yu came up with an idea that he could use the bones of Tantai Jin’s closest relatives as a guide, and add nine pairs of virgins and a close person to sacrifice together, so that King Sheng could achieve his wish as soon as possible. . King Sheng ordered people to fetch the bones, and he planned to sacrifice the people close to Tantai Jin with Yingxin, so that when the spell was completed, Tantai Jin would undoubtedly die.

Ye Xiwu asked Tantai Jin if she could blame herself for sneaking into the barracks, but Tantai Jin didn’t blame her, instead she thought that Pianran deliberately made things difficult for Ye Xiwu. Let Ye Xiwu recover from his injuries in the army and not allow him to leave. Ye Xiwu acted like a baby to Tantai Jin, and sure enough, Tantai Jin said that he would not leave Ye Xiwu alone, and at the same time, the teardrops in Ye Xiwu’s body became hot again.

When Tantai Jin learned that King Sheng had stolen his mother’s bones, Tantai Jin was furious and rushed to Sheng State with his soldiers overnight. King Sheng summoned the sorcerer to cast a spell, and the sorcerer said that after the success of the spell, Tantai Jin would fall ill and die in three months. Ye Xiwu noticed that Tantai Jin had left in a hurry, and without knowing the reason, she quietly came to the Jingguo barracks to find Xiao Lin, and learned from Xiao Lin that Tantai Jin did not fight tonight. Xiao Lin realized something was wrong, and asked Ye Xiwu to return to Jingguo as soon as possible, while he rushed to Shengdu with his subordinates.

Tantai Jin came to Shengdu and confirmed that King Sheng stole his mother’s remains to deal with himself, and even sacrificed the people of Sheng Kingdom in order to kill himself. Unexpectedly, King Sheng smashed the ashes of Tantai Jin’s mother while taking advantage of his surprise, and Tantai Jin, who was angry, killed King Sheng with his own hands. Crazy Yingxin thinks that Tantai Jin is a monster, and stabs Tantai Jin with a sharp sword. Tantai Jin thinks that this sword has repaid Yingxin’s upbringing, and then kills him.

King Sheng died tragically, and the palace of Sheng Palace was in chaos. Ye Bingshang ran away with a maidservant and ran into an eunuch holding a knife to rob money. Ye Bingshang saw Tantai Jin in the Shengwang Palace, and realized that Tantai Jin was the most powerful person in the world. Ye Bingshang begged Tantai Jin to take her back to Jingguo, and Tantai Jin thought for a while and agreed. her request. Although Xiao Lin brought people back to Shengdu, it was too late, King Sheng was already dead.

On the way back to the camp, Tantai Jin learned that Ye Xiwu went to Xiao Lin’s barracks alone after he left, and Ye Xiwu’s actions might be suspected of collaborating with the enemy. Tantai Jin recalled Ye Xiwu’s series of actions, and misunderstood that Ye Xiwu betrayed herself for Xiao Lin.

Ye Xiwu learned from Pianran that Tantai Jin went to Shengdu last night, and she found Tantai Jin to ask about it. But Tantai Jin misunderstood that Ye Xiwu cared about Xiao Lin, and simply admitted that he went to Shengdu to kill Sheng Wang Xiaoyan and Yingxin. Hearing Tantai Jin’s brutal killing, Ye Xiwu was very disappointed, and admitted that she was blind and mistaken for Tantai Jin, she thought she could change Tantai Jin’s natural nature, but now she regrets being by Tantai Jin’s side for so long . The two had a big fight, and Ye Xiwu left angrily.

Pianran was worried about the injured Ye Qingyu, so she quietly found medicine for him, and asked the soldiers not to tell Ye Qingyu. Pianran accidentally saw Ye Bingshang who came to visit Ye Qingyu, she was quite surprised when she learned of Ye Bingshang’s true identity. When Xiao Lin learned that Ye Bingshang was taken to Jingguo, she was only thankful that her life was not in danger. Tantai Minglang learned that King Sheng’s plan had failed, and he thought that now that the two countries in Shengjing were fighting, it would be a good thing for him to be able to die. Now that the formation will be completed, the entire southern border will become a poisonous fortress, and by then Tantai Jin will not escape death.

Ye Bingshang came to thank Tantai Jin for saving him, and Tantai Jin asked him to accompany him day and night, and let him cook for himself every day. This request made Ye Bingshang think that Tantai Jin really liked him. He himself intends to coax Tantai Jin into giving himself a title.

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