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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 17 Recap

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 Episode 17 Recap

Sang Jiu came to Zhenshui God Stone, thinking that it was her own fault that the Mohe Shui tribe suffered such a catastrophe.

Tianhuan replaced many maids in the Shangqing God Realm with the Teng Snake clan, and the maids in Yuqing Palace were brutally killed by him because they resisted. The fallen demon Sangjiu entered the realm of the gods with the Zhenshui sword. Now her strength is extraordinary, and she will kill the heavenly soldiers who blocked her in one fell swoop, and even seriously injured Tianhuan.

Ming Ye successfully refined the seal of washing marrow, and was delighted to help Sangjiu reshape the marrow soon. At this time, the heavenly soldiers came to report that a witch would take Tianhuan away and take her to the southeast wind spring. Ming Ye hurried to the spring, and found that Sangjiu had been possessed, and pulled out the Tianhuan fairy marrow, and burned it in weak water. Sangjiu refused to listen to Mingye’s advice, and destroyed Tianhuan’s fairy marrow in public. Mingye did not hesitate to get hurt to control Sangjiu, and asked the heavenly soldiers to temporarily rescue Tianhuan.

Ming Ye learned from his subordinates that Tian Huan had slaughtered the Mohe clan, and was angry with Tian Huan for what he had done. He abolished the cultivation bases of the heavenly soldiers who followed Tian Huan, and sent them to the prison. Mingye learned from the Yaowang that Sangjiu’s obsession was caused by the agitation of the hatred of the extermination of the clan. Sang Jiu woke up from the room and found that his hands and feet were bound. He heard the heavenly soldiers outside begging Ming Ye to distinguish between grievances and punish her for the crime of killing the heavenly soldiers and generals. .

After Tianhuan woke up, she confessed to the crime. Mingye thought that Tianhuan was against the law of heaven and was no different from a demon, so he gave her the punishment of thunder. Tianhuan asks the elders of the clan to come forward to rescue him, and the elders of the clan offer ice crystals, saying that the ice crystals can bring the Mohe clan back to life, hoping to save Tianhuan’s life. Mingye promised to forgive Tianhuan’s death, but refused to reshape the fairy marrow for him, and let him go back to Wushan.

Tian Huan learned that he could not reshape the fairy marrow, and hated Ming Ye for treating him like this, and let the elders of the clan deal with Sang Jiu. Ming Ye intends to refine the ice crystals into a divine weapon, and then put the body left by Mohe Shuiling in it. After a thousand years of conservation, Mohe will be reborn. Sang Jiu learned that Ming Ye pardoned Tian Huan and threw her brother Sang You into the abyss. She escaped from God’s Domain and rushed to the abyss to find Sang You.

Ming Ye successfully refined the ice crystals into Cheng Bingjing Cup, but then he learned that Sangjiu had escaped from the Shangqing God Realm. Sang Jiu finds his elder brother Sang You in the abyss. At this time, Sang You has been tortured by demons all over his body. Sang Jiu wanted to take his brother away, but was attacked by demons. Sang Jiu continued to fall into the demon under the grief and anger. Ming Ye found Sang Jiu and wanted to persuade him to return to the right path, but Sang Jiu learned from Ming Ye that he had forgiven Tianbing and Tian Huan who killed the Mohe clan, and she was not willing to let these people be forgiven.

Mingye knew that Sangjiu could not listen to the advice for the time being, so he had to forcibly knock Sangjiu into unconsciousness and take him away. Mingye met Jize Yuanshen in Huangyuan, and with the help of Jize, Mingye successfully brought Sangjiu brother and sister out of Huangyuan. Sang Jiu woke up in the hut in the forest, Ming Ye took out the ice crystal cup, and told Sang Jiu that as long as the remains of the Mohe Shui tribe were placed in the cup, the Mohe tribe would have a chance to come back after a thousand years. And he also refined the seal of washing marrow, as long as Sang Jiu maintains his Dao heart, he will be able to reshape the marrow in time. Ming Ye said that he really liked the days in the mountains and forests with Sang Jiu, and for the rest of his life, no matter what the price was, he hoped that Sang Jiu could return to the fairyland.

Sang Jiu learned that the Wannian ice crystal was obtained by Ming Ye from the Teng Snake Clan, but she knew that this was not a deal at all. Sang Jiu regrets that because she fell in love with Ming Ye, she brought disaster to the tribe, and since Tian Huan slaughtered all the Mohe tribe, she only has atonement and revenge in her heart, and there is no Ming Ye anymore. Sang Jiu said that she would find a way to save Sang You, but she didn’t want to accept the favor of the God of War and smashed the ice crystal cup directly.

Tianhuan escaped from the prison, intending to monopolize the Yuqing Palace and become the Lord of the God Realm. For this reason, she took away all the immortals who refused to accept her, and wanted to throw them into the Huoyang cauldron for refining. Sangjiu invaded the Divine Realm of the Shangqing after beating Mingye unconscious, killed Tianhuan in one fell swoop, and swore here that he would kill the Tengshe tribe until there were no more such tribes in the world.

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